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"Center of Information Technologies" Nelian "produces innovative diagnostic medical equipment with a high degree of process visualization and diagnostic testing and therapeutic effect.
VISUAL SYSTEM MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC series Dianel and Biolaz Oberon, thanks to the functional imaging of the patient in a manner intelligible to persons with no medical training, allows to prove the need for medical procedures and other preventive health measures. Serious pathological processes found in the early stages of development, need to be confirmed by conventional medical techniques.
Dynamic control of the functional and physiological condition of the patient, the changes in the psycho-emotional state, to rapidly adjust the treatment and prevention programs.
Increased level of trust of the patient to the doctor, a specialist and a medical organization.
Over the years since 1998, we have accumulated extensive experience in efficient and cost effective use of our diagnostic systems in various hospitals, nursing homes, private non-traditional alternative medicine centers and offices nutritionist, dietitian, an expert on the selection and use of food supplements. The principles used complementary medicine, to fully and effectively disclosed to the application of systems of visual medical diagnostics and devices Dianel Biolaz Oberon, digital microscope with Dianel microscopy of native blood, etc.

For individual advice feel free to contact our sales department. During the conversation over the phone or Skype, we will share with you the essence of successful experience, which we were told our real users.
By e-mail, we are ready to send you examples of promotional articles and ads. You will be able to quickly develop an effective advertising and build a profitable business based on our recommendations, summarizing the experience of other users of devices Biolaz Oberon and Dianel diagnostic systems.

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