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Page for downloading drivers and additional software

If you got lost CD with our software or if your connected Dianel / Biolaz-Oberon diagnostic device is not detected on your computer, if you do not have documentation from the Dianel complex, you may need the links that we have collected on this page.
On this page you can download drivers and other additional software that is necessary for working with the Dianel / Biolaz-Oberon Hardware-Software Complexes produced by Center of Information Technologies "Nelian".
If you use the Dianel-Micro software in conjunction with a digital camera, then you will probably find useful links for downloading the digital camera driver.


To install our software you need to install driver for protective Sentinel HASP key. Protective key does not work without drivers. Here you can download the latest version of Sentinel HASP driver.

Software for the previous version of the key HASP HL, you can download from our website.

Important information! Before starting the installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the system requirements for the computer.


In order to install licenses on your  your computer, all licenses are installed automatically, you must first install the program Dianel License Installer. Beneath automatic license installation, we mean the activation of any license files by double-clicking the left mouse button. To do this, you need download the installation file of the program Dianel License installer from our website, or use the supplied disk to install our software.


You may need spesial software to opent PDF document. If your computer does not open the User's Guide / manual / documents for our software, it means that your computer does not have software to open PDF files. In this case, Download the software to view PDF files here, please.


In order for your computer to teach what program to use for opening files of the license, you need to install additional software. Use this link for downloading the program Dianel License Installer, and then run it installation. And then you can activate by double click any received license file.


When using digital cameras manufactured by ScopeTek, you need to install the driver for the ScopeTek cameras downloaded from this link

If you use a camera brand ToupCam, you will need to install the camera driver. Download the latest drivers for ToupTek cameras at this link


To open downloaded files from this page you need installed software to work with archives. This can be a paid program WinRar or free program 7-Zip.


Go to page Technical Support

Go to the page for downloading the software updates Dianel-Pro, Dianel-Micro, Dianel-iON

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