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Update of the extended version of the program DIANEL®-Micro automation of work on digital microscopes

The updated version of the Dianel-Micro software is already available in the Support section. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the procedure for installing the updates of the Dianel-Micro program before updating the program.


List of changes in the update.

• Added revised survey and assignment results templates
• The algorithm for obtaining images from cameras working through the TWAIN protocol has been improved
• Some corrections to the calibration function for measuring objects in SI units
• Improved existing functions, and added new tools in the image analysis window
• Added new advanced settings for printing images
• A new editable template with disclaimer information was added to print Epicrisis
• When selecting images in the catalog, information is displayed on the number of sheets of paper required to print the selected images
• Changed functions for calculating statistics for new objects in the "Comparative analysis" window
• Significant changes were made in the form of printing the results of the "Comparative Analysis" window
• TWAIN and DSHOW driver kits for ToupCam cameras are integrated into the program installer
• The list of user templates for the Material Science
• Added a progress indicator in the form of a red flashing square to the video capture window
• The appearance in the video capture window changed when viewed in full-screen mode
• The card index displays icons showing the presence of descriptions or measurements on images
• New complaints and diagnoses from the Dianel-2 software related to the points on the human body were added to the Anamnesis window
• Added the ability to change the fonts used in the program and their sizes
• Other minor improvements.
Download the installation file of the Dianel-Micro program and learn how to properly install the Dianel-Micro software update

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