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Software Updates in the Support section

In the Support section of our site, it became possible to download the updated version of the Dianel-2 software. Go to the Dianel-2 software update link and choose the version you need to download. On the same page of our site, the procedure for updating the Dianel software is described in detail.

List of changes in the update.
• Redesigned the list of selected complaints and diagnoses, which is displayed in the selection window of the study design. Complaints and diagnoses are now shown in one list. Added a button to clear the list of complaints and diagnoses.
• The search window is redone in the selection window. When searching, the matches are selected not by the initial letters as before, but by the whole word. If no matches are found, the search field is marked in red.
• In the window of selection of standards, the correct operation of the "VRT" button is fixed.
• Changed the algorithm for adding the standards of the auto-model to the epicrisis.
• If there is an Auto-model in the window of standards, the preparation of the preparation (Inf-transfer) takes place according to this model.
• In the patient selection window, the "Address" column has been added to sort the list. In the same window, the method for sorting patients was changed when the "Last research" column was selected.
• In the research scheme selection window, the incorrect display of the current sort sort "By Systems or Alphabetically"
• In the vegetative-resonant test of the Virtual model which is launched from the "Selection of standards" window, the name of the tested drug is now written - "VIRTUAL MODEL".
• Fixed drawing of the coefficient in the virtual model. Now there is no limit to plus or minus 10.
• To the complaints / diagnoses inserted in the epicrisis, the date of addition is now automatically added.
• All the standards of the group "Microorganisms and helminths" are added to all chromosomes of DNA and RNA
• Other minor improvements
For the operation of the Dianel / Biolaz-Oberon Hardware-Software Complexes, a protective HASP key and the driver installed for it are required. To download the newest driver for the security key, click the Download driver and additional software link.

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