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In the Support section, an updated version of the Dianel-iON software with a large list of changes and new useful functions is available.

We are constantly expanding the capabilities of the Dianel®-iON program and constantly improving it. We propose to take advantage of advanced testing capabilities with the help of the Dianel®-iON software.

List of changes in the update.

• The button in the form of a green plus is returned. It allows you to put a label with a description (manual setting of the marker).
• The graph is now saved with resistance values in ohms (not displayed during testing). The function is available if the diagnostic device supports resistance measurement.
• When a saved graph is printed, the graph is more conveniently centered on each page.
• Results of measurements of skin resistance are now added to the results of saving Psychological tests.
• In the patient file was added the ability to reverse sort the selected column. When you exit the window, the selected sorting options are now saved.
• The Left and Right channels are now correctly displayed in the Analysis window.
• In the same Analysis window, the "In Excel" button is added to export the current analysis data to Microsoft Excel.
• Fixed a view of the Playback Control buttons in the Analysis window.
• Fixed incorrect operation of the "Apnea" marker function.
• When you go to the epicrisis and return to the research list, the program no longer resets the selection of the current study in the list.
• In the card file, the order in which the columns are displayed
• Other minor improvements


Download the installation file of the Dianel-iON program and install the update for the Dianel-iON software

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