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Demonstration of the work in the software Dianel-ION with a detailed description of the functionality of the program

Ladies and gentlemen!

Nelian Information Technology Center LLC, being a Manufacturer and developer of the Dianel-5120 Hardware-Software Complex, a system for recording and assessing the psycho-physiological and psycho-emotional state of a person, offers you a video demonstration of working with the Dianel-iON program with a detailed description of the functionality.

These videos are the basis for demonstrating the functionality of the System Dianel to potential users, and is also suitable for teaching users how to video instructions.


Playlist "Dianel-iON - demo and training to work with the program for registration and analysis of the psychological physiological and psycho-emotional state of a person"

You can watch videos from the playlist separately:

Dianel-iON demo 002-01 Program settings for psycho-physiological and psycho-emotional test

The Dianel-iON program allows you to make the necessary settings for a specialist, depending on the subject and scope of the specialist. Thanks to the settings, the specialist can enter the name and contact details of his legal entity, customize the display of the logo in printed forms. Pre-setting is necessary to complete the work with the program.


Dianel-iON demo 002-02 Card Index and Review of Types of Testing

The Dianel-iON Software File Cabinet allows you to store an unlimited number of testers. The only limitation is the size of the hard disk - Testing is accompanied by sound recording, so there should be enough space on the hard disk to store multiple sound files up to 10 GB. The tests included in the Dianel-ION program will be useful in any field of activity - but all areas are reduced to one - the provision of professional services for testing the socio-psychological characteristics of the person being tested. The video demonstrates the available list of types of social psychological testing.


Dianel-iON demo 002-03 Physiological testing, general recommendations, the use of electrodes

The procedure for connecting reusable REO electrodes is optimal for accurate measurement of GSR, but it is also possible to use disposable ECG electrodes for psychological testing using the Dianel system with the Dianel-iON program. Reusable electrodes should be moistened with a special electrode gel that is included in the package. Psychophysiological testing allows you to conduct hardware testing of the psychophysiological state of the patient, in real time to determine the level of stress, to conduct a therapeutic effect with the assessment of the result through biological feedback (BFB). In this video, you will receive accurate recommendations for conducting physiological testing, which is a universal tool for testing a variety of conditions and deviations in both the socio-psychological and psycho-emotional state of the person being tested.


Dianel-iON demo 002-04 List of psychological tests, test Degree of Risk Preparedness

Let us take an example of a short test of the “Degree of Risk Readiness” questionnaire, how psychological testing passes in the Dianel-iON program, how the Skin Galvanic Reaction is measured parallel to the questionnaire test. Instrumentally Measured GRM charts unbiasedly calculate and interpret the state of the person being tested, thereby excluding the operator’s subjective assessment. The extensive list of tests available in the Dianel-ION program makes it possible to test a variety of psychological and psycho-physiological states of a person, one can successfully select personnel for work in various fields - Emergency Control Ministry, Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs, Military structures, civil service, office work, and also test preschoolers, schoolchildren, high school students, students, identify deviations and accentuation in behavior, suicidal tendencies, determine the likelihood of using drugs and the like, and so on.


Dianel-iON demo 002-05 Psycho-emotional state assessment with the help of the Video test, list and example

The psycho-emotional state is one of the most important states of a person, affecting not only mood, but also decision-making, reaction speed, the general tendency - positive or negative, conflict, etc. The Dianel-iON computer program, which controls the operation of the Dianel device, makes it possible to conduct unbiased hardware testing of the patient’s psychological state, the psycho-emotional state of the person being tested, the level of stress and depression ... psychological testing aimed at accurately determining the state of the person tested according to the informative form of the GSR graphs.


Dianel-iON demo 003-01 Analysis of the results of psychophysiological testing, adding results to the epicrisis

Psychological testing in the Dianel-ION program is the main tool. It offers ample opportunities for integration and adaptation of the specialist’s own methodology for use in the Psychological Testing Program, Psycho-Physiological Test, and Psychoemotional Testing. The duration of the test is not limited; during testing, the sound of the conversation between the Specialist-Psychologist and the test person is recorded, which further simplifies the analysis and allows you to correctly evaluate the cause of the patient's reaction. Information labels allow you to break test sections into subject intervals and compare them with each other. Watch the video - everything is shown and explained.


Dianel-iON demo 003-02 Analysis of the psychophysiological test questionnaire and Video Test Analysis

The software of the Russian developer Dianel-ION has convenient and efficient algorithms for analyzing the results of a psychological test of a questionnaire on various topics, for example, risk readiness - for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police, the FSB and other special services, Opportunities for personal empathy, career counseling, a drug test, assessment of personality parameters, testing of athletes, etc. All the results of the analysis are confirmed by the real signal of the GSR, measured by the patient, which allows for an impartial assessment and calculation of the results.


Dianel-iON demo 003-03 Selection of health products from the database and making them in the epicrisis

The Dianel-iON program has a database of various states, substances, various health remedies - medicinal, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic, as well as a list of Biological Active Food Supplements, which allows you to create and recommend a complete program of recovery of both psychological and psychosomatic state.


Dianel-iON demo 004 Printing results at the end of physiological testing

The program features Dianel-ION in terms of printing conclusions, graphs, test results in automatic and semi-automatic mode. Formation of the conclusion based on the results of socio-psychological testing for educational institutions, government agencies, organizations.

Hardware-software complex "Dianel-5120" under the control of the computer program "Dianel-iON" for the analysis of the psycho-physiological state according to the results of measurement and processing of GSR (Skin Galvanic Reaction) by two-channel method with two hands with the possibility of assessing the asymmetry in the work of the hemispheres of the brain - powerful and an unbiased tool for assessing the psycho-physiological state, the level of stress and stress resistance, the level of psychoemotional changes of the patient. It can be successfully applied by professionals to conduct routine social and psychological testing of schoolchildren, students, students and trainees of educational organizations, young people, employees of companies and state institutions for various psychological and physiological states, including stress, depression, apathy, empathy, suicidal tendencies, drug addiction etc. Dianel's complex with the Dianel-ION program implements various methods of psychological testing - psycho-physiological testing, RAG testing, psychological tests, questionnaires, video testing, assessment of speech behavior and others with automatic hardware measurement of CGR from the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The Dianel-ION system implements an order for the social and psychological testing of students of educational institutions for professional use by psychologists, psychotherapists, psychophysiologists, etc.

Manufacturer and developer - LLC "Center of Information Technologies "Nelian" 

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