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New version of Dianel-Micro software with new features

Dear Users!

Dianel-Micro Software for automation of work on the digital microscope update is available with numerous changes and new useful features. On the same page the procedure for updating software is described in details...


Changes list:

  • • Your digital camera's convenient settings panel now situated in the video capture window, allowing you to check all settings in one place and quickly adjust the camera. It displays all available settings, camera information, health state and the ability to reset the camera to factory settings.
  • • Automatic white balance button available in the settings section of the color palette, in addition to the possibility of manual adjustment, a button has been added for adjustment.
  • • During video recording indicator blinks in the corner for you to stop video recording in time, not to overload your HDD with useless 4K videos.
  • • In full screen mode, top area has a transparent pop-up bar with useful functions “Turn off full screen mode”, “Save image” and “Video recording”.
  • •“Video Capture” window now has small indicators with real FPS speed and Histogram;
  • • If you do not move the mouse for more than 5 seconds in full-screen mode, the cursor automatically hides.
  • • In the “Video Capture” window, [CTRL + C ] key combination copies an image frame to buffer.
  • • Exposure settings in the “Video Capture” window are now correctly saved when you exit this this window.
  • • Other minor improvements and fixes.

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