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Dark field and Bright field Microscopes for Live Blood Analysis Hemaview, second hand, recovered

Dark field live blood analysis microscope (+Bright field) with HD digital camera » Dark field and Bright field Microscopes for Live Blood Analysis Hemaview, second hand, recovered

CIT NELIAN develops diagnostic systems with a digital imaging system for microscopy native blood since 2007. The main feature of our digital microscopes for haemoscanning is that we equip microscopes digital camera for visualization of blood and we complete a special program Dianel-Micro, which significantly extends the capabilities of microscopy of native blood and increases the speed and comfort for the qualitative analysis of a drop of live blood.
Software Dianel-Micro developed by us with the advice and wishes of the specialist nutritionists, doctors, professional practitioners of native blood microscopy (haemoscanning). Functionality of the program Dianel-Micro is constantly improving, supplemented, .rasshiryaetsya taking into account the wishes of our real users, the latest version of the software Dianel-Micro can be downloaded from our site.
We select professional microscopes and cameras, providing maximum visual quality images with high resolution and color reproduction. CIT NELIAN offers both inexpensive low-end models of microscopes, high-quality microscopes economy class and professional systems - Digital Microscopes leading brands of different models, digital cameras, high-resolution, advanced software, condensers bright field, Dark field condenser ... Even a set of consumables for microscopy - all You can buy from us.
Tёmnopolnye brightfield and trinocular high-resolution digital microscope with digital image output to the monitor screen to organizations and private doctors office as a basis for initial diagnosis and patient consultations.
Microscopy Method native blood or haemoscanning or screening study of living drop of blood appeared relatively recently, but thanks to the ease of assessment of the qualitative changes of blood cells, ease of visualization of microflora in blood plasma quickly gained popularity around the world, and then in Russia.
CIT NELIAN offers professional training of microscopy techniques of native blood in 2-3 days. Education leads the physician with 10 years' experience. READ MORE ...
CIT Nelian Company Ltd. offers:
+ Shipping, assembly and adjustment of the equipment;
+ Installation of the necessary software and drivers on the PC buyer.
+ Coaching staff at the medical office of the customer - 2 hours.
We guarantee high quality assembly and installation, gentle delivery, clarity and detailed instructions for your staff.
All terms and conditions are painted in detail in the offer, the contract specifications and delivery.


We offer for sale a variety of specially selected set of digital microscopes with digital imaging systems: with a light field, dark field with polarization, with luminescence, fluorescence, phase contrast, stereo microscopes, research microscopes, microscopes for materials science and criminology, inverted microscopes, microscopes training, etc., a variety of accessories for microscopy, consumables, processing and disinfection (including "Liquid Nikiforov"), and more.

We offer a set of digital microscopy has a low cost, high reliability, smooth video display in real-time, convenient software Dianel-Micro created taking into account the peculiarities of Russian consumers.


Digital microscopes with digital imaging systems, high-definition supplied by us throughout Russia only on the basis of certified microscopes permitted for use on the territory of Russia:

Digital microscopes Olympus;

Digital microscopes Nikon;

Digital microscopes Carl Zeiss;

Digital microscopes Micromed;

Digital microscopes Mikmed;

Digital Microscope Lomo;

Digital microscopes Meiji;

Digital Microscope Micros;

Digital microscopes Leica.


Digital microscopy (digital diagnostic systems based on research microscope with a digital camera) are supplied fully configured and ready for use, special Russified software included (or for an additional fee) ... All kits microscopy we have carefully checked and ensure compliance with the published specifications We guarantee the stated speed frames per second (25 frames per second, fps). A wide range of digital cameras for microscopy and digital imaging systems and video recording have always available, which allows the buyer to offer the most suitable option with minimum investment.

Always in stock and custom digital microscope Amateur, Economy, Budget, Research and Professional Class.

We offer Digital Microscope is ideal for live blood microscopy (hemoscanning drop of blood) in the bright field transmitted light and dark field microscope with specially designed software - version Dianel®-Micro Software for Hemoscanning.


CIT NELIAN takes for the implementation as well as implementing a program TRADE-IN, ie, exchange of old vehicles of computer bioresonance NLS diagnosis at the new, modern equipment of the new line - hardware-software bio-resonance NLS diagnostics with full biofeedback Dianel 51xx with your surcharge.
In this regard, we have a second-hand systems of bio-resonance NLS diagnostics, which we lovingly restore, repair, configure, calibrate, and mikroproshivku update software, and then offer for sale at a low price.

All reconditioned machines Computer Diagnostic NLS provides 1 year warranty.
To exchange on Trade-In program (exchange of used appliances for new) accepted machines and devices Biolaz Oberon, Dianel, Sensitive Imago, Physiospect, Aur-um, Vector, Diacom, Biospect, Dial, Valeoscan, Metatron, Introspect and other ...

We have to approach each client individually. We each customer makes a lucrative offer - changing surcharge your old machine to a new Dianel 51xx with Dianel-2 software in complete set, that is compatible with any Windows version, including Windows 10.

Also, you can take your B / C diagnostic tool for implementation - we organize repair and restoration, to establish advertising and demonstration of your device, provide a guarantee for reconditioned equipment, ie perform warranty and post-warranty repair. device transfer is a contract and detailed specification.

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