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BIOLAZ-OBERON-11S-PRO (Homeopathic edition) Hardware Software Complex (second-hand) to complete computer Bioresonance diagnostics organism with the updated software and 1 year warranty. Production year till 2015

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Second hand machine available. We encourage you as a replacement the more modern model Dianel-5122


The Hardware and Software Complex (further HSC) Biolaz-Oberon®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) consists of the "Information processing unit "Dianel®" completely controlled by the special software "Dianel®- nonlinear analysis of state of health and  testing of preparations". Certificates and other documents issued for Biolas-Oberon 11S-Pro


Health Diagnostic Complex Biolaz-Oberon® 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) with software "Dianel®-Pro" is applied for nonlinear bio-resonant NLS computer testing of the human organism, revealing of existing problems and pathologies, revealing of predisposition to development of other diseases, and also for individual selection of medicinal, preventive, homoeopathic preparations and Dietary Supplements with taking into account all the features of the organism and considering the features of the organism even on the chromosome level.

Our Health Diagnostic Complex Biolaz-Oberon® 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) is the best ways to explain that natural products (medicines, pharmacy, dietary supplements) are necessary for people.

Our Hardware and Software Complex BIOLAZ-OBERON®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) is widely used in medical centers, clinics, holistic therapy, cosmetics and wellness, antiaging.

We have Health Diagnostic Complex Biolaz-Oberon® 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) in English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian version. Translation to any other language is possible.



Health Diagnostic Complex Biolaz-Oberon® 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) is used for nonlinear bioresonance computer testing of human organism, for detecting of problems and pathologies, for detecting the propensity of development of other diseases and for individual selecting of treating, prophylactic and homoeopathic preparations and of Dietary Supplements with regard to all the features of the organism, on the chromosome niveau, too.  Bioresonance treatment and automatic comparative analysis present.

Software Dianel®-Pro has the big base of patterns under recommendations of the further inspection of the patient (analyses, consultations, researches), and also purposes of improving actions, such as: physiotherapy exercises, massage, diets, relaxing, etc.

Functions of Hardware and Software Complex Dianel®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) or Biolaz-Oberon®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) are similar to model 11S except that Biolaz-Oberon®-11S-Pro has the maximal complete set and the functionality, the most full database of Software Dianel ®-Pro.

Device works with the newest version of Dianel-Pro (Homeopathic edition) Software with richer Data base of etalones and device has wide possibilities with bioresonant tests and transfering information from one chember to another, to make information charging on the water and spiritus at the same time.

Visual difference is presence of two built-in devices energyinformation transfer, internal difference is the opportunity of carrying out of a session energyinformation transfer or BRT, chambers work on reading, record and transfer.

The device Dianel® 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) or Biolaz-Oberon®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) is a model intended to professionals for whom the broadest opportunities are necessary.

USB port, Internal Frequency of Generator 4,5 GHz, Windows 7 &Vista compatible.

We have Software "DIANEL®" in English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Portugal, Romanian, Russian version. Dianel-Pro software Updates are FREE to all users of our equipment since March 01, 2012.


The complete set of Dianel 11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) health diagnostic complex


Name of a unit



Biolaz-Oberon® - 11S-Pro information processing unit

1 pcs.


Headhones with magnetic inductors

1 pcs.



1 pcs.


Mount of the emitter

2 pcs.


 Hand electrodes, reusable

1 pcs.


Power supply unit

1 pcs.


USB-AB cable

1 pcs.


Device manual

1 pcs.


Software CD: Dianel®- Pro* + user guides

1 pc.


USB security key (HASP HL) 

1 pc.


Authenticity card

1 pc.


Certificates and documents



Transportation and storage case 

1 pc.


*Software Dianel-Pro for Biolaz-Oberon®-11S-Pro (Homeopathic edition) contains 20 free etalones that you can choose.



More information on the Dianel-Pro software and the BIOLAZ-OBERON and DIANEL devices

  1. Theoretical basis under the method of computer bioresonance testing
  2. Function principle of Hardware-Software Complex "Biolas-Oberon" or "Dianel", model 11S
  3. Advantages of computer bioresonance testing with Biolaz-Oberon or Dianel hardware-software system
  4. Applications of Biolaz-Oberon or Dianel hardware-software systems
  5. Specifications of Biolaz-Oberon/Dianel
  6. Features of the Dianel Pro Software and the software-hardware system in general
  7. Detailed description of Dianel-Pro functionality
  8. Training for Biolaz-Oberon/DIANEL operators
  9. List of organs available for testing in the Dianel Pro software
  10. List of etalons in the Dianel Pro database
  11. Protection against unauthorized sofware and hardware reproduction
  12. Application of Biolaz-Oberon in medical practice for diagnostics and treatment of varied diseases.
  13. Address of official office of CIT NELIAN
  14. List of the official Distributors all over the world


  • +7495-518-2541
  • +7926-747-5551
  • *Ежедневно 9:00 – 18:00, UTC+3:00

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