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BIOLAZ-OBERON-11S (Wellness edition) Hardware Software Complex (second-hand) for bioresonance NLS computer human organism diagnostics with the updated software and 1 year warranty. Production year till 2015

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Goods is not available, we have only second hand used machine with 1 year warranty.  We encourage you as a replacement the more modern model Dianel-5111


Description of the Diagnostic Complexes Biolaz-Oberon and Dianel model 11S


The given tasks and functions will be fulfilled with the Hardware and Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" by means of the analysis of the diagram of extremely weak electromagnetic radiations of a biological object, which are potencied and registered, according to the theory of bio-resonant interactions. The electromagnetic radiations are registered by sensors mounted into convenient headphones, the signals are transmitted from the head of the client since in a head is the most important organ of the whole organism and of the nervous system - the brain, which is sending constant nervous pulses to all the organs and cells of the organism. These nervous pulses, having the electric nature, are sources of weak electromagnetic radiation of biological object which is registered by the sensors. The sensitivity of the signal detecting sensors is not always enough to get a precise diagram of the state of an organ, that’s why a bio-resonant influence of a magnetic field of variable frequency, of the high-frequency (HF) low-energy electromagnetic influence in a strict specified range of a laser wave and the influence of a synchronous electromagnetic emitter are applied. The bio-resonant influence lasts 0,001 seconds and does not distort the natural electromagnetic radiation of a biological object. The received bio-resonant electromagnetic response of an alive organism is due to the bio-resonance effect 20-30 times more intensive than the natural electromagnetic radiation of a biological object and is being exactly received with the high-sensitivity magnetic induct- sensors fixing the change of an electromagnetic field. The HSC "Biolaz-Oberon" enables also the taking of additional data off the Biological Active Points (BAP), which are placed on hands of a person, with the help of electrodes and using the Nakatani-method. Thus the potential difference is measured when passing the BAP from right to the left and from left to the right.

The "Biolaz-Oberon" Unit is completely controlled with the command orders of the program "Dianel – nonlinear health state analysis and testing of preparations", registered at RosPatent Agency. The "Dianel" program is simultaneously both the driver of the "Biolaz-Oberon" unit and the control program transmitting the control commands to the "Biolaz-Oberon" unit. All signals received by "Biolaz-Oberon" unit from a bio-object are transmitted to the computer with "Dianel" program. The "Dianel" program makes analysis, storing and computer processing of the obtained results using a special algorithm. Further, the data received from the bio-object are stored in the database (DB) of the "Dianel" program and transformed into diagrams. When analyzing the obtained data the diagrams of an organ’s state received from bio-object are compared with diagram standards; the standards which are more probable for the tested organ are placed in the beginning of the list.


On the basis of the diagram received from the bio object one can choose allopathic, herbal therapeutic and homoeopathic preparations and dietary supplements. These preparations are entered into the database of the program in the form similar to the pathologic standards as a diagram describing the bio energetic potential of a preparation.


Theoretical basis of the method
The theoretical basis of a method is the following hypothesis: The homeostasis of an organism is connected with the fact that the cells are emanating the electromagnetic fields in the SWF-RANGE; any pathology of the organ should be considered as the pathology of its cells, too. As amplitude-frequency characteristics (АFC) of electromagnetic fields of radiation of a sick and of a healthy organism are not equal but essential different, every emanation deviating from the norm can be considered as the sign of breaching the amplitude-frequency description of the organism, to say the sign of disease.

Before registering the own radiation, an amplification must be done by means of the additional supplying from external sources at resonance frequencies causing the AFC resonance effect in the electromagnetic fields of a cell.
Simultaneously the analysis of electrical resistance indexes and of the volumetric electro conductivity of the tested object must be carried out using the galvanic electrodes, and this considerably raises the accuracy of a state of health estimation and the correctness when selecting the health improving program.

Then the registered picture of radiations in various ranges will be compared with a reference picture of normally functioning bio-object and with a database containing the pathological standards and attributes. When comparing, the nonlinear computer analysis of the degree of deviation of a weak electromagnetic field of the patient from the good state standard or from the pathological or health improving standards is used. This analysis allows to evaluate the state of health of the tested person and to select for him(her) some health improving and preventive preparations.


Using of the equipment
Having all the listed advantages and abilities, the Hardware-software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" can be used in a very wide spectrum of applications and can be considered as a convenient means for preliminary not medical diagnostics by different experts and in different spheres of activity. When working with our clients we have established the following abilities:


  • The private practicing physicians and specialized physicians at medical institutions of any specialization, when using the Hardware and Software Complex "Dianel" with the "Dianel" program will be able to consult the patient on all the questions regarding his (her) health in detail and to select any medicinal and preventive preparations. Owning to an extensive data base the program "Dianel" can also be used as an unique encyclopaedic manual for the doctor.


  • The consulting physicians at the health improving sports and fitness clubs, when using the HSC "Dianel" will be able to supervise the state of their clients in real time operation, to retrace the dynamic of their health changing, both to the best and to the worse. These abilities are supported with the “Comparative analysis” and “Vegeto-test” functions.


  • The Insurance companies having deal with insurance the health of clients, when using our HSC "Dianel" will be able to define the state of health of the Insurant fast and precisely and thanks to the possibility to reveal the risk of serious diseases to evaluate the risk when making program of life and health insurance of the patient inclined to illnesses, or will be able to offer to him (her) the insurance tariff corresponding to his (her) state of health.


  • The Medical centers can use all possibilities of the Hardware and software complex "Dianel" described above, but the main advantage will be the fast revealing of serious problems of the patient, confirmation of these problems by other methods of diagnostics and individual selection of medical products by means of the "Dianel" program under the control of the doctor - diagnostician.


  • For doctors-dietitians and physicians acting as tutors selecting the dietary supplements the HSC "Dianel" program becomes attractive because it enables an individual motivated selection of dietary supplements to improve the health of patients. Just this category of specialists is effectively using our equipment now. This ability is supported with a huge data base containing the dietary supplements and also with the function “Vegeto-test” and “Comparative analysis”. These functions allow to show to the tested person the virtual state of his concrete organ after the course of treatment with recommended preparation. Using the method of “Comparative analysis” it is possible to compare an initial state of a concrete organ to a virtual one after a course of treatment with recommended preparation. Thus the program automatically notices the changing of the state of an organ: "The area of reduction of the centre by хх % ", "Amplification of compensator reactions by хх %". In this way the patient can see that it is necessary for him to take dietary supplements and medical preparations individual selected for him. The program contains practically all dietary supplements sold in Russia; these are products of the following firms: Dr. Nona, Enrich Unicity, VitaLine, NSP Nature's Sunshine Products, Coral Club, АrtLife, Herbalife, Тianshi, Vision, Slang, Biotrof, Теntorium and many others. At the request of the customer any new production can be tested and inserted into the program (for additional payment).


Any prescription of the preparation and diagnostics must be supervised by diagnostics specialist or by physician acting as operator.

Delivery set of the HSC "Biolaz-Oberon"


Unit "Biolaz-Oberon" - 1 piece.
Маgnetic inductors (headphones) - 1 piece.
High-frequency bio resonant emitter - 1 piece.
Bio resonant chamber (recording and reading) - 1 piece.
Galvanic manual sensors - 2 pieces.
Cable for manual galvanic sensors - 1 piece.
Cord for PC-interfacing - 1 piece.
Packing bag, vinyl - leather (contains notebook and the unit as a complete set) - 1 piece.
Characteristics sheet - 1 piece.
The complete set of certificates for the unit and the program - 5 pieces.
"Dianel" program on CD - 1 piece.
The user's guide on CD - 1 piece.
Portable computer (modern high-efficiency new notebook with guarantee) at the request of the customer - 1 piece *


Guarantees of the Manufacturer


The Open Company "CIT NELIAN" is the official developer and the manufacturer of the Hardware and Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" for testing a human organism using the method of bio resonance electromagnetic computer analysis for investigating bio field changes of a person and of the unique computer program "DIANEL" - the nonlinear analysis of state of health and testing of preparations".
The Hardware and Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" is completely certificated:



Devices are protected by special seals, the software is protected by a special key, Copies of the State certificates prove to be true an original seal of Open Company "CIT NELIAN". The Information Processing Unit "Biolaz-Oberon" is delivered with the program "Dianel" constantly improved and modernized to make the accuracy of diagnostics higher and the using of the unit more simple and more convenient. All users of the Hardware and Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" have the right to update the program "Dianel" one time every half year (by prior ordering)
The manufacturer guarantees a trouble-free operation of the Information Processing Unit "Biolaz-Oberon" within 2 years and the serviceability of the license- install disk within 3 years (if there are no mechanical damages).
The operating life of the Information Processing Unit “Biolaz-Oberon” is not less than 5 years.

1. Attention the new model of the Hardware-Software complex the Dianel 22S-ion has gone on sale!


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