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"DIANEL-11S-iON" Complex with the software «Dianel iON» for an estimation of a psychophysiological condition

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Production of this model is discontinued, so this complex is no longer for sale. As a replacement, it offered equipment model Dianel-5120


Benefits DIANEL-5120 compared to Dianel-11S-iON:
- Increased accuracy of measurement of the RAG;
- Improved noise immunity, extending the scope;
- Professional and reliable metal electrode connectors;
- An increased number of tests of psychological and psychophysiological assessment;
- Automatic calculation of the asymmetry of the cerebral hemispheres;
- Possibility of sound effects in stereo mode;
- Ability to light exposure in an expanded range of red, yellow, green, and blue colors in any combination;
- Toning and soothing nature of the impact;
- Print all kinds of reports, charts, tabular forms;
- Statistical sample of the total number of the survey on the selected parameters;


Hardware-software complex "Dianel 11S-iON» with the software "Dianel-iON» for the evaluation of psychophysiological condition.


Features of the software «Dianel-iON» 

Record of two-channel GSR signal Simultaneous recording of voice / sound (Dialog, talks between psychologist and patient).

Collection of complaints and the patient's history with an option to register prior to the study.

Conducting stress tests (active orthostatic test, samples with hyperventilation, breath holding test) with parallel GSR signal registration.

Conduct psychological testing, using appropriate questionnaires and parallel registration signal GSR.

Analysis and interpretation of the data according to the method by Suhodoeva V.V.

Selection and placing on health products from a database program «Dianel iON» according to the identified state.

Formation of case history (conclusion), including placing on health-improving procedures (physiotherapy, diet, auditory training, weight loss programs, etc.) using the templates from a database of «Dianel iON» software.

Conducting sessions of biofeedback therapy using methods and techniques of audiovisual oftalmocolourtherapy correction with simultaneous control of the physiological state of change by registering GSR.

Print of GSR results analysis chart, the table values ​​and recommendations.

Maintain filing of test results and a database of patients and operators.


Presentation of Dianel Dianel 22S-iON diagnostic complex. Demonstration of capabilities for Dianel-iON software for the evaluation a psychophysiological condition of human

Registration method GSR, implemented in «Dianel 11S-iON» can be used in psychophysiological studies:


  • In psychological and psychophysiological studies that require as an integral assessment of the functional state of the subject so determining their main components and their specific regulation;
  • In studies of the personal characteristics of the test, evaluation of typological features and their stability in various conditions of mental activity (especially under stress);
  • In studies related to the optimization of the characteristics of the group from the task of selecting the subjects in terms of compatibility for the various activities to determine the minimum size of the group or duplication performers for maximum reliability decision making and implementation in the daunting and important work;
  • In the engineering and psychological or ergonomic studies to optimize the tasks to machines or tools or systems design man-machine with rights and conditions of operation of such systems;
  • In learning tasks very different activities and selection of the optimal training approaches (especially computer) by optimizing the energy costs and psychophysiological student;
  • For various applications in industrial psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics, etc., related to the quantification of the impact of various factors and operating conditions on the person;
  • For problems tracking psychophysiological state subjects in the process of testing its special methods, such as psychotherapy;
  • To speed up the process of learning the various methods of self regulation of the SFC;
  • For research related to the optimization methods of solving human problem points and problematic situations during the execution of professional activities;
  • To quantify all kinds of emotional expressions, observed as a result of special effects, as well as an indicator of subjective feelings that arise in the process of mental activity;
  • As a parameter of energy security as a whole organism, and determine the activity of systems central nervous system (CNS) and their individual characteristics, such as the classification of the type of regulation;
  • For problems tracking psychophysiological state (PPS) studied in the process of testing its special methods, such as psychotherapy;
  • For research related to the evaluation component of the SFC in psychology, physiology, and similar areas of applied science;
  • To speed up the learning process different methods of self-PPS;
  • Solutions to optimize the way a human problem points and problematic situations during the execution of professional activities.



Registration method GSR, implemented HSC «Dianel 11S-iON» can be used in medical research:


  • In psychiatry and Psychoneurology for indirect estimation of the morphofunctional state of the brain and peripheral nervous system, as well as for the early detection of psychosomatic disorders;
  • In psychometrics during psychological tests recorded instrument galvanic skin response can be used as an additional diagnostic criterion that shows the relationship of emotional and neurophysiological status;
  • To detect changes in the physiological status of adequacy in modeling stress;
  • In cardiology as an additional method for studying cardiovascular function during exercise testing with hyperventilation (HV) and the active orthostatic test (AOT) to assess the state of the myocardium and peripheral vessels in ischemic heart disease and hypertension;
  • In cardiology as an additional method for early detection of atherosclerosis;
  • In gastroenterology as an additional method of dynamic control of gastric acid secretion in gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • In individuals who are coping on the background of systemic diseases for application of psycho-correction using the principle of biofeedback sessions during the color and music.



Advantages APK «Dianel 11S-iON»:


Versatility - The device is universal and is self-powered, which provides high noise immunity and electrical measurements;

Portability - The device is portable and easy to transport thanks to the small size and weight;

Accuracy - The design sensors for maximum signal fidelity with the most complete view of all of its components, it is necessary to measure all kinds of regulation of activation processes;

Visibility - the received signal is visualized on the display, which allows for rapid evaluation of the measurement of the activation characteristics of the test in real-time (during on-line);

Automatic calculation of the data - the results of measurements are converted into a digital number and automatically calculated on a logarithmic scale, which allows the most appropriate interpretation of the data. The versatility of the instrument is determined by the possibility of a wide variety of research and treatment.

Similar devices for 2-channel recording with the possibility of GSR logarithm results and at the same time the color and / or sound effects do not currently exist!



Homeostasis theory


Changing the psychosomatic status causes changes of homeostasis and appears in variety of physiological responses. The term "homeostasis" was proposed by American physiologist U.Kennon in 1929. Homeostasis, by Kennon – is coordinated set of reactions that maintain or restore the constancy of the internal environment in organism. The most important role in maintaining homeostasis plays the cerebral cortex and the endocrine glands. Changing of homeostasis is a result of complex coordination and regulatory relationships, as implemented in the whole organism, and on the organ, cellular and molecular levels. Thanks to adaptive mechanisms the physical and chemical parameters that determine the functioning of the organism, vary in a relatively narrow range, despite significant changes in external conditions. In higher animals homeostasis have the highest perfection. In humans, mammals, birds, homeostasis involves maintaining a constant concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) and blood composition, the osmotic pressure, body temperature, blood pressure, and many other functions. Homeostasis is provided by neuro-humoral, hormonal, barrier and excretory mechanisms. For example, the alignment of arterial blood pressure rules by regulatory mechanisms that come into play on the principle of a chain reaction with feedback (changes in blood pressure accepts by baroreceptors vessels, the signal is forwarded to the vascular center, changes of their state leads to changes in vascular tone and cardiac activity, while irritated chemoreceptors of vessels, switchinw on a system of neuro-humoral regulation, and blood pressure returns to normal.



Galvanic skin response


Phsychophysiological imbalance condition of the body caused by disorders of the nervous and humoral influences and occured in the general pathological processes, is determined by the rate of change of electrophysiological properties of skin by measuring the electrical potential and the electrical impedance. Change in the bioelectric activity of the skin, as a measure of spontaneous vegetal activity, demonstrates complex, interconnected reactions to external stimuli and internal processes and is called galvanic skin response (GSR). Basis for the formation of electrocutaneous conductivity signal is to regulate the intensity of the metabolic processes in the skin. The major factors in the conduction of electrical current can be considered ionic processes. There are two methods of registering galvanic skin reaction agree to Tarkhanov (check electrical potential of the skin) and Feret (check electrical resistance of the skin). In the presented model of hardware and software complex «Dianel 11S-iON» (Figure 1) is implemented registration of galvanic skin response by method of Feret. The method is most useful for displaying symptoms of GSR is a measuring skin conductivity when exposed to direct current followed by separation of the received signal at the tonic and phasic components. Tonic component of GSR caused by ever-present background conductivity of the skin, which changes slowly over time. Phasic component - the fast-paced changes of skin conductance, arising against the tonic component resulting from various stimuli. Phasic waveform component provides an opportunity to highlight such things as the rise and fall time of the reaction, which are important informative.


Figure 1.


To get information on the special electrocutaneous conductivity metal sensors on the palmar surface of the terminal phalanges of the 4th and 5th fingers of both hands, in accordance with the methodological requirements of minimizing the impact on their own ionic processes in electrolytes of skin, a pulse order 2mkA. The electronic unit AIC «Dianel 11S-iON» received ECP electrocutaneous capacity increases, digitized and fed through the USB-port of the computer, where it is processed by a special program «Dianel iON». Update Dianel-iON free to all users of our equipment from 03/01/2012. The resulting signal is visualized on the display, as shown in Figure 2.


Рисунок 2.

Figure 2.



For this product do not forget to purchase training seminar «The new examination method with using of the hardware-software system for estimation of psycho-physical condition «DIANEL 11S-iON» and of the program «DIANEL ION»


The list of tests and questionnaires of Dianel-ion software for hardware testing machine Dianel-5120

  1. Questionnaire Eysenck "EPQ"
  2. Personality Inventory "NNP-A-02" (neuro-psychological instability - accentuation)
  3. Methods for diagnostics of temperament Yang shoots (personality questionnaire for the study of temperament)
  4. Methods of self-diagnosis BH Spielberger, L. Hanin (assessment of situational and personal anxiety)
  5. Methodology "Forecast" to determine the neuro-psychological stability (NPU)
  6. Questionnaire Mini Mult. Adaptation FB Berezina and MP Miroshnikov
  7. Methodology DCF-26 - the definition of suicidal tendencies
  8. Technique preparedness Schubert risk.
  9. Methods of diagnosis of personality motivation for avoiding failures T. Ehlers
  10. Methods interpersonal T. Leary
  11. Determination chronotype
  12. Methods for diagnostics of level of empathic abilities VV Boyko


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