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Dianel-22S-iON Bioresonance Health Diagnostic machine (second-hand) For Energy-informational Therapy of the human body and the Psycho-Physiological testing physical health with the updated software and 1 year warranty. Production year till 2016

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We offer only second hand used Dianel-22S-iON machine in complte set with thew newest  Dianel-2 Biorersonance Diagnosti Software and 1 year warranty. We encourage you as a replacement the more modern model Dianel-5121 or Dianel-5122.


Dianel 22S-iON biofeedback diagnostics and therapy system is intended to be used in healthcare research and practice for the assesment of the physiological and psychophysiological health profile of a patient, and for the assessment of the impact of endo- and exogenous factors on the course of a disease and heath status. Our NLS diagnostic systems are universal and used effectively by medical clinics, homeopaths, nutrition experts and specialists in dietary supplements, physiotherapeutic and SPA centers.

The key features

• two types of health analysis: the full bioresonanse biofeedback health test (as Biolaz-Oberon 11S Pro) and psychological condition test. 

• three channels of biological data input thus providing higher precision and quality of diagnostics.

• Testing and Treating up to 419 organs and  sections with indicating the current functional status - Check the Full list of organs available to test and treat in Dianel-Pro software in XLS format;
• Revealing pathological, histological processes with precision of up to 95%

• Testing rate: 7.5 organs per minute


Customer's reviews about using of Dianel-22S-iON Bioresonance Health Diagnostic Complex




Our exclusive technology of skin galvanic reaction analysis enables enhanced precision and reliability of biofeedback diagnostics and our unmatched psychological condition test.

We are one of the oldest players on this market. Many new players trying to follow our success still do no have enough experience to provide reliable and user-friendly biofeedback software and hardware. Without years on the market a manufacturer can't provide high quality responsible post-sales service. We can, we provide a lifetime technical support, software update and medical consultatations.

All software updates are FREE.​ 

FREE 12-hour training for new customers (in our traning centre in Moscow or by Skype). Only in the Russian or English language


We keep the lowest prices among high-end products because we have a very small marketing budget. We work for the customers who prefer a good price to a good advertisment.

Function principle of  Dianel-22S-iON biofeedback diagnostics system


On the command of the software the sensors of “Dianel-22S-iON” read the data of the weak electromagnetic field of the tested person, sends them to the computer. The software processes the data comparing to the spectrum patterns of varous health conditions. The final diagnosis is made by the doctor operating the device. The doctore analyzes the results which have the high quaficient of  spectral identity and makes a justified conclusion.  When doing so he or she is guided by his/her knowledge and experience  The full description of the function principle.


DIANEL 22S-iON biofeedback machine is supplied with two software packeges:


1. Dianel Pro software for  the non-linear bioresonance computer testing and biofeedback therapy of human body. 

• Detection of  pre-disease conditions, pathologies and personal predispositions. 

• Instant recommendations to the personifed treatment with various homoeopathic, herbal and preventive preparations and indiviually indicated dietary supplements. 

• Biophysical evaluation of all the body, systems of organs and specific organs down to the cell and chromosome level.  

• Bioresonance treatment (Mora-therapy, energy informational influence therapy) 

• Automatic comparative analysis of biophysical data. 

• Preparation of personified remedies in the special chamber by the method of informational transfer of the biological frequecy characteristics to alcohol- or water-based preparations.

• Multilanguage support: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Russian.


2. Dianel iON software for the psychophysiological and mental condition diagnostics.

• Testing of antistress reactions by the method of the logarithmic analysis of skin galvanic reactions (SGR). 

• Several professional psychological questionaries used to trigger psychophysiological reactions of a tested person and reveal the latent and subconscious response to the external irritation.

• 2 channel simultaniously tracing work of cerebral hemispheres. 

• Real-time recording and saving of the testing session.

• Synchronized recording of skin galvanic reactions and voice (conversation of a doctor and a patient).

• As a matter of fact, with this the software the diagnostic system can be used as a polygraph, a lie detector

• Languages: Russian, English

Lifetime FREE updates for Dianel Pro and Dianel iON . 

Full customer support

2 years of warranty period.


Persons, who are not specially trained and have no certificate for this equipment are not permitted to work in HSC "Biolaz Oberon"/ "Dianel".


General Functions:
• Testing and Treating up to 419 organs and  sections with indicating the current functional status  Check the Full list of organs available to test and treat in Dianel-Pro software in XLS format
• Revealing pathological, histological processes with precision of up to 95%;
• Revealing the first cause of pathology and psycho physiological deviations;
• The function of monitoring the state dynamics (comparative analysis);
• Individual revealing harmful substances and factors – allergens, contaminants, energy information burdens, etc. - Check the Full list of etalones present in Database of Dianel-Pro software - in XLS format;
• Fitted are medical and prophylactic preparations from the program data base of various groups (allopathy, homeopathy, phytopreparations, various dietary supplements);
• Individual making energy information health-improving preparations for the patient on matrix (water, alcohol, sugar, paraffin/ oil);
• Holding sessions of  energy information action (biofeedback Mora - therapy);
• Vegetal testing any medicines, homeopathy and dietary supplements in a bio resonance chamber;

•The software is available in 9 different languages now: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish and Chinese (Taiwan) - Visit page of free download of all language versions of Dianel-Pro software.
• Compatibility with modern computers with Windows operating systems.


The general advantages of Dianel 22S-iON over the peers:

• Extended range of recordable frequencies and use three frequency channels ;
• Registering skin-galvanic response through two channels significantly improves accuracy and efficiency of the tests;
• Accuracy in Identification of pathological , histological processes up to 95% ;
• Testing of up to 1000 organs, sections and disorders;
• Detailed examination of a selected area of an organ or section;
• High-speed testing : 7.5 organs or sections per minute ;
• Identification of the disease at the preclinical stage of development long before registering by conventional diagnostic methods ;
• Individual identification of harmful substances and factors - allergens , contaminants , energy- weights , etc.;
• Personalized approach to biofeedback therapy through individualized energy impact (Mora -therapy) and manufacturing personified bioresonance medications;
• Functions for convenient monitoring of a patient dynamics;
• Automated selection of preparations the database ( allopathy , homeopathy, herbal remedies , various dietary supplements );
• Vegetotest of any medications, homeopathy drugs and dietary supplements in the
bioresonance chamber ;

• Dianel-iON, a complementary software package for psychophysiological analysis;
• Monitoring changes in the brain function asymmetry;
• Advanced simulating of exposure to the irritation factors to reveal stress coditions;
• Psychological testing with a simultaneous instrumental registration of phsychophysiological parameters.
• Recording voice, conversations and events during the test session.

• Automated generation of a printable epicrisis with details on the prescribed treatment and the image of a tested organ.
Certified in Europe (CE) and in Russia as medical equipment, .

• The software is available in 7 different languages ​​: Russian , English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese ;
• Compatible with modern computers and
Windows operating systems;
• Free software updates for Dianel-Pro and Dianel-iON software and technical support during the lifetime of the diagnostic systems.


The complete set of Dianel 22S-iON (Plenus Edition) Health Diagnostics System

Name Quantity
1. Information processing unit Dianel 22S-iON 1 pc.
2. Emitter 1 pc.
3. Magnetic induction sensors (headphones) 1 pc.
5. Resonance chamber 2 pc.
4. A cable with buttons for disposable electrodes 2 pc.
7. The complete set of disposable electrodes of 50 pcs. 1 pc.
8. Energy information transfer device 1 pc.
9. Energy information transfer device cable 1 pc.
10. Cable USB-AB 1 pc.
11. The passport on the processing device 1 pc.
12. CD disk with two programs:
Dianel-pro* With the user's guide
Dianel-ion with the user's guide
1 pc.
13. USB key (HASP HL) 1 pc.
14. A card of authenticity 1 pc.
15. The complete set of certificates (more than 5 sheets) 1set.
16. Special packing bag 1 pc.


* Software Dianel-Pro version Plenus for Dianel-22S-iON contains 30 etalones for your choose.



Center of Information Technologies "NELIAN" is the unique manufacturer and the seller of Hardware - Diagnostic System Biolaz-Oberon and Dianel for health-diagnostic (there is no other manufactures of Biolaz-Oberon and devices Dianel and Software Dianel). Only we have certificated production and we guarantee its quality for 2 year. Our software Dianel - the nonlinear analysis of the state of health and testing of preparations - is certificated and patented too.


You can buy additional guarantee 1 or 2 year more.



Training is possible for medical specialists or certified nontraditional medical specialists only. Doctor should pass special training seminar to have rights to work with our Diagnostic Complex and Software. It is necessary for success of your business with medical diagnostics service.

We are ready to carry out your training in Moscow, Russia at any convenient time. Training seminar is carried out in Moscow in the individual mode (after the preliminary coordination of a date started of training) during 2 days for 6 hours. Certificate on right of work is given out after the successful ending of training is included.

We are ready to book hotel for you if you need. One room cost ~ 70$/day and more.

New public training seminar may be in your country.


AND We have Distanse training by Skype.

We send you by e-mail metodic and examination for yourself education with examination tests - person should send to us answers of this test and we will send back certificate with right to work if test is ok. Training seminar is carried out by skype in the individual mode (after the preliminary coordination of a date started of training) during 2 days for 6 hours, then unlimited SKYPE consultation included.


Our specialist can come to your country, to your office and make training seminar. But it is possible, if you will buy 2 devices at one time. Then you we will make training seminar for all your specialists.


More information on the Dianel-Pro software and the BIOLAZ-OBERON and DIANEL devices

  1. Theoretical basis under the method of computer bioresonance testing
  2. Function principle of Hardware-Software Complex "Biolas-Oberon" or "Dianel", model 11S
  3. Advantages of computer biofeedback testing with Biolaz-Oberon or Dianel hardware-software system
  4. Applications of Biolaz-Oberon or Dianel hardware-software systems
  5. Specifications of Biolaz-Oberon/Dianel
  6. Features of the Dianel Pro Software and the Dianel-22S-iON biofeedback diagnostic system in general
  7. Detailed description of Dianel-Pro functionality
  8. Training for Biolaz-Oberon/DIANEL biofeedback practitioners
  9. List of organs available for testing in the Dianel Pro software
  10. List of etalons in the Dianel Pro database
  11. Protection against unauthorized sofware and hardware reproduction
  12. Application of biofeedback machine Dianel-22S-iON in medical practice for diagnostics and treatment of varied diseases.
  13. Address of official office of CIT NELIAN
  14. List of the official Distributors all over the world


Resonant chamber cable



Hand electrodes (reusable)



Cable with clasps for disposable electrodes



Pack of disposable electrodes AgAgCl (50 pieces)



USB A-B computer cable



Software CD with two programs:

Dianel-Pro* With the user's guide

Dianel-iON with the user's guide



Security key for Dianel® software



Passport of “DIANEL-22S-iON" Diagnostic Device



Authenticity Card



Special transportation and storage case



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