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Dianel-5122 Multiple Function Health Biofeedback Machine for Bioresonance NLS Diagnostics, VEGA-test, Energy and Information Therapy and Psycho-physiological testing of physical health

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Dianel-5122 BioResonance NLS Diagnostic and Therapy Machine with full Biofeedback and psychophysiological testing of Somatic Health for Integrative and Holistic Medicine practitioners with high visualisation level.

Dianel-5122 machine is for integrative and holistic medicine practitioners in with a high level of visualization with the functions:

  • • Bioresonance NLS diagnostics of the human body up to 1000 organs, tissues, cells, microstructures, that reveals pathological processes in the body, hidden and chronic;
  • • Identification and localization of pathological processes at an early preclinical stage,
  • • Normalizing endogenous energy information therapy (EIF-Therapy);
  • • Destructive antiviral and antimicrobial therapy that suppresses the vital activity of microorganisms;
  • • Multi-EIF-Therapy in automatic mode in 1 click on the list of selected organs and microorganisms;
  • • Assessment of the psychosomatic condition;
  • • VRT, Vegetotest to select the most effective wellness products (drugs, dietary supplements) taking into account individual characteristics of a person,
  • • Evaluate the homeostasis of each organ individually and the body as a whole;
  • • Organ's pathological processes influence Visualization on the aura;
  • • And much more

The Dianel-5122 device is intended for professional use by healthcare practitioners, implements a holistic approach in complementary medicine, have ample opportunity to identify pathological processes in the body, latent and chronic, and also makes a variety of energy-informational healing effects.

Dianel-5122 BioResonance Biofeedback machine Key features:

  • • Highly sensitive Magnetic inductors Dianel 25D;
  • •  Dianel-emitter of bioresonance improvement  and endogenous therapy (protector and destructor influence);
  • • 2-channel skin galvanic responce measuring
  • • 2 Vega-test module
  • • «Dianel®-2.1» software Multilanguage version (research schemes are available: Detailed)
  • • «Dianel®-iON» software Multilanguage version
  • • 40 groups of etalons in the preparations database
  • • Accuracy of diagnostics – up to 95%
  • •  Handy modern case with 2.8-inch touch-screen display

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Dianel-5122 Indications

Dianel-5122 multifunctional diagnostics and therapy system is based on the biofeedback technology and indicated for the whole comprehensive bioresonance testing and treatment of the whole human body and specific organs and systems of organs. Dianel®-5122 diagnostic system is used for:

  • · Comprehensive bioresonance screening diagnostics of all human organs with the ability to detect disease, even at an early stage - with the help of «Dianel®-2.0» program;
  • · Vegetative-Resonance Testing (VRT) of medicines, dietary supplements, homeopathy preparations to select the most effective;
  • · Protracted Energy and Informational influence (Mora-therapy) for the normalization of the functional condition of organs and homeostasis of the body as a whole - with the help of «Dianel®-2.0» program;
  • · Convenient production of effective customized medication in one or both Vega-test modules;
  • · Psychophysiological testing of physical health and neuro-mental condition - with the help of the program «Dianel®-iON».

Dianel-5122 diagnostics and therapy system is designed to address the most important medical challenges of a therapist today. Typically the matter of the higest difficulty include so called "diseases of civilization": obesity, insomina, infertiliy, erectile dysfunction, anxiety disorders, depression, harmul addictions (smoking, alcohol, drug and gambling addiction), parasite infections, chronic pains of various nature, osteochondrosis, joint and spine diseases etc.

Patient's position during Bioresonance testing and endogenous Energy-Information health improvement therapy with the complex of Holistic medical Diagnostics Dianel. All systems of functional testing of the body, any application, holistic approach to the process of Patient's healing

Since the these diseases are caused by a mutiple and various factors: genetic and adjustable environmental factros, mental and physiological, lifestyle and nutrition factors - a comprehensive multifeceted strategy is vital to developing a customized wellness program for every single patient. Considerable diagnostic capabilities of «Dianel®» system enables implementation of integrative (complementary) approach in the healthcare taking into account functional condition of all organs, homeostasis, physiological and emotional condition of the patient.


Dianel-5122 diagnostic system is recommended to use by

  • · homeopaty doctors,
  • · general practitioners,
  • · family doctors,
  • · nutritionists,
  • · naturopaths,
  • · complementary and holistic medicine practitioners,
  • · in resort treatment, in health resorts, wellness and spa facilities
  • · in anti-smoking therapy,
  • · in anti-aging therapy,
  • · for the selection of nutrition regime and food supplements,
  • · as the means of functional body condition assessment and disease detection for the health improvement and disease prevention as well as dynamic treatment control.

In this manner Dianel-5122 diagnostic system is a complimentary instrument of those healthcare professionals who use the comprehensive approach to the healthcare, selecting individual wellness and treatment program for each patient taking in to account functional condition of all organs, homeostasis, physiological and emotional condition of the patient.

Dianel-5122 integrative medicine machine general view for Bioresonance NLS Diagnostics of the human body, selection of wellness products and remedies, dietary supplements, VRT and VEGA-test, aura and homeostasis assessment, normalizing endogenous Energy-Information Frequency therapy, destructive antiviral and anthelmintic therapy, suppressing the vital activity of microorganisms

Specifications and functions of Dianel®-5122 bio-resonance diagnostic system

Dianel®-5122 diagnostic system is 5th generation bioresonance machine with full biofeedback, improved accuracy and reliability of results, wide testing possibilities.

  • · Fully automated noninvasive study of 1000 anatomical and physioligical objects (organs, systems of organs, tissues, sections and cell sturctures) with indication of the current functional status of each organ;
  • · Testing Speed is 10 organs per minute, So to test 100 organs and tissues will take only 10 minutes!
  • · Absolutely harmless to a patient, allowing for frequent testing and study;
  • · Health condition tracking - comparative analysis of functional state performance changes under the therapeutic influence of health improvement program and remedies;
  • · High diagnostic accuracy - up to 95% due to the bio-resonance diagnostics data verification by the two-channel galvanic skin response test and many other improvements;
  • · Identify the underlying causes of diseases and psycho-physiological abnormalities;
  • · Capability of extra early identification of a pathology before the clinical symptom manifestation and possible identification by the means of conventional medicine;
  • · Individual identification of individually harmful pollutants, allergens and environmental factors;
  • · Running psychological tests with the simultaneous recording of physiological parameters;
  • · Making spectronosodes (personified energy and information medications) using the Vegetative-Resonance Test unit;
  • · Conducting therapeutic sessions of direct energy and information influence;
  • · create versatile and detailed medical reports (discharge report).

Holistic medicine Health practitioners will increase interest of patients and their quantity using Dianel®-5122 complex for first patients and dynamic control for the health functional condition. By visiting one doctor or healthcare practitioner, a patient can get an accurate and complete picture of health. Dianel®-5122 diagnostic system can automatically detect the clinical and pre-clinical pathological processes in each organ, select individual health improvement program, prepare a detailed list of recommendations, automatically export the test results and prescribed treatment in the discharge report.


The Diagnostic System includes the Two Software Packages:

  1. «Dianel®-2.0» software Multilanguage version (research schemes are available: Detailed)
  2. «Dianel®-iON» software Multilanguage version

«Dianel®-2.0» Software for bio-resonance testing

Functions and features of the Dianel®-2.0

«Dianel®» machine with full biofeeedback software and 2 bioresonance Vega-test modules is a professional comprehensive tool, with the help of which medical healthcare practitioner can quickly and efficiently:

  • · run noninvasive diagnostics at various stages of therapy course (the database includes more 1000 anatomical and physioligical objects (organs, systems of organs, tissues, sections and cell sturctures) and 17000 spectral etalons or frequency patterns)
  • · select individual treatment program with help of electronic selector and Vegetative-Resonance Testing (VRT) of medicines
  • · make personified medication by the means of energy and information transfer
  • · assign effective medications of any type,
  • · demonstrate effectiveness of the recommended therapy program,
  • · conduct therapy session of direct energy and information influence (correction of biophysical characteristics of organs and tissues)
  • · manage reception of patients and patient visits (electronic registration office)
  • · automatically generate and print out the discharge report based on the finding of the patient visit including the selected therapy and visualization of organs of concern (at operator's opinion).
  • · print out charts of organs and systems of organs.

All «Dianel®-2.0» functions are convenient and enable healthcare specialists to:

  • · to run quick diagnosis of the patient's health status,
  • · give a course of energy and information therapy.



«Dianel®-2.0» Software - is a professional tool for bioresonance nonlinear health diagnostics with full biofeedback. Its distinctive Feature - a graphic visualization of pathological processes in an organ and body as a whole, providing arguments to motivate a patient to initiate and be compliant to a health improvement program. Software has a wide range of capabilities to identify pathological processes in the body, including latent and chronic ones, and what is of high importance and clinical need, it is possible to identify pathological processes at a very early pre-clinical stage. This allows to assign timely therapy and prevent development of a clinical disease.

The Dianel software implements a holistic approach in complementary medicine, has ample opportunities to identify pathological processes in the body, hidden and chronic, as well as identify pathological processes at an early preclinical stage, which allows you to schedule a recovery program and prevent the disease.

An individual prevention and treatment program can be proposed, based on the medicinal use of allopathic drugs, food supplements, homeopathy, herbal, macro and micronutrients in case of deficit - all these options and much more can be found in the «Dianel®» electronic database - so called electronic selector, which is very convenient in assigning personified treatment.

Based on the patient testing results, the diagnostic system carries out the automatic Vegetative-Resonance Testing (VRT) of medicines (various pharmaceutical drugs, medication, food supplements, dietary supplements, homeopathy preparations, remedies) for the individual selection of drugs for a patient, taking into account his state of health to maximize the effect of health improvement and prevention programs.

With the help of «Dianel®-2.0» software you can predict the clinical effect resulting from the chosen health improvement program or treatment course, besides you can make a control testing to demonstrate the results of treatment.

Medical reports and recommendations to a patient are created automatically based on the template data base that is fully customizable, each template can be changed and expanded by the operator of the diagnostic system. Medical report templates include detailed recommendations on therapeutic diet, drinking regime, physical exercise and medical work-out, weight-loss programs, conditioning programs, physical therapy, and many other therapeutic and preventive modalities. What «Dianel®-2.0» software provides as a professional tool goes beyond the mere epicrisis/medical report generation. The final result is an individual detailed guidance on healthy lifestyles for each specific patient.

The high degree of visualization, i.e. clarity of image presentation, of the functional condition of organs and systems significantly amplifies patient's motivation to treatment and prevention, so that a patient addresses his or her health problems in a timely manner without procrastinating treatment until aggravation of his or her condition or clinical manifestation of a disease.

Use of «Dianel®-2.0» bio-resonance testing software within the Dianel®-5122 diagnostic system enables primary computer nonlinear NLS diagnostics of the whole human body, diagnostics of specific organs, systems of organs and sections.

Read more about the functions and features of «Dianel®-2.0» bio-resonance health testing software.


«Dianel®-iON» psycho-physiological testing software

Functions and features of the Dianel-iON 

«Dianel®-iON» software is a convenient and effective tool to measure galvanic skin response, it is used by medical experts as a means of medical diagnostics, as a means of unbiased psycho-physiological condition control at psychologist appointments and at scientific research activities. With «Dianel®-iON» you can:

  • · make an accurate measurement of galvanic skin response;
  • · make records and real-time logging of psycho-physiological reactions in response to external stimuli (light, sound) or interviewing;
  • · record the conversation between a patient and operator and test events during the testing session;
  • · keep track of asymmetry in the activity of the cerebral hemispheres;
  • · simulate the effects of irritants, and identify of stress-caused conditions;
  • · manage reception of patients and patient visits (electronic registration office);
  • · automatically generate and print out the discharge report based on the finding of the patient visit


Using «Dianel®-iON» software, the Dianel-5122 system carries out the Psycho-Physiological Testing of physical health to identify the physiological manifestation of stress, depression, emotional overload, to evaluate the level of psychological and emotional stability, etc.

«Dianel®-iON» program makes a test of the psycho-physiological condition by recording two-channel Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), running a variety of Psychological Tests, questionnaires, response rate tests. All tests can be carried out with the simultaneous voice recording of conversations between an operator and a tested person and other sounds through an external microphone. This opportunity helps to prove reasonable changes in psycho-physiological activity for the special event or question (topic), helps to prove specialist opinion.

Presentation of psychophysiological research methods for use with Dianel systems. Demonstration of capabilities for Dianel-iON software for the evaluation a psychophysiological condition of human. View on YouTube

Presentation of Dianel Dianel 22S-iON diagnostic
complex. Demonstration of capabilities for Dianel-iON
software for the evaluation a psychophysiological condition
of human

You can use of Dianel®-5122 with «Dianel®-iON» software to assess the condition of the peripheral nervous system, for the early detection of psychosomatic disorders, as an additional method of the cardiovascular system test with the exercise ECG test to assess the status of myocardial and peripheral vessels in patients with the ischemic heart disease and hypertension. Dianel®-5122 system can be used as an additional method of early detection of atherosclerosis, as an additional method of dynamic control of gastric secretion in patients with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer diseases, for the biofeedback psychocorrection during the sessions of color and music therapy.


Playlist of video for Dianel-2 training with explanation in English:


Training courses for bio-resonance health diagnostics

Special training is required for all practitioners of the Dianel diagnostic system due to the wide possibilities of the method and high responsibility of the healthcare specialist using our medical biofeedback machines. We provide 12-hour training for new customers (in our training centre in Moscow or by Skype). Only in the Russian or English language. Besides our local distributors can provide training locally in their native languages. Please apply to our head-office in Moscow for more information.

Dianel® systems comparison table


Contents of the delivery package





Device Dianel®-5122 with the TFT touch screen and a two build-in VRT modules

1 pcs


Dianel Sensor (Magnetic inductors in headphones)

1 pcs


Dianel Emitter with mounts (two variants)

1 pcs


Cables with snaps for disposable electrodes

2 pcs


Reusable skin electrodes for fingers

4 pcs


ECG gel for reusable skin electrodes, 250 ml bottle

1 pcs


Sample set of disposable electrodes of 30 pcs.

2 pcs


Computer cable USB2.0 A-/ MINI USB 2.0 5 pin

1 pcs


Dianel®-5122 Instructions for Use

1 pcs


CD disk with two programs::
«Dianel®-2.0» With the user's guide
«Dianel®-iON» with the user's guide

1 pcs



1 pcs


Authenticity card with administrator password

1 pcs


The complete set of certificates

1 set


Special transportation and storage case with pocket for laptop up to 19'

1 pcs

Watch the video of unpacking the Dianel diagnostic complex model 5122


System requirements for the computer to work with Dianel-2


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