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Dianel®-Micro (Materials Science version) - Software for Digital Microscopy - for Automation, Visualization, Measurement, Managing Research Samples in Metallography, Materials Science, Forensics, Inspection, etc.

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Diagnostic complex Dianel®-Micro - specal software “Dianel®- micro” that compatible with most of all the digital microscope cameras.

Dianel-Micro software  is intended to visualize an image with a high resolution on the screen, automation of qualitative sample examination of any micro objects and bio materials, storage, measurement, analysis and systematization of photo images and video.

Dianel-Micro software Benefits:

- Compatibility with any models of microscopes and digital cameras;
- An image output with Magnification up to 8000x (Depends on camera and optical adapter);
- Clear HD video quality;
- Full Screen with full resolution sharp live video and samples preview;
- Making Foto of Samples and Video files of dinamically changing micro objects;
- Card files for million examinations;
- Reasonable price.


You can order Dianel-micro Software DEMO by Skype with sharing screen by our professional practitioner OR Skype us NOW ==>

Dianel-Micro software Sphere of application:

- Professional pay diagnostic services to scientific laboratories that works with materials, destructive testing of materials, products in Metallography, Materials Science, Forensics, Inspection, etc.
- Material science, flaw detection, forensic science.

Dianel-Micro software Functions and practical use:

- Analysis of photo images (revealing pathological processes in human tissues and organs, selection of health-improving products for prophylactics and treatment).
- Audio record with commentaries of an expert;
- Automatic report making;
- A vast base of patterns, recommendations on programs of prophylactics and health-improvement;
- Print of images;
- CD or DVD record of photo and video files.
Primary virtues of Complex Dianel®-Micro:
Screening examinations of micro objects makes possible to improve the analysis efficiency as compared with examination through oculars, to reduce fatigability of lab assistants.
Documentation of images with resolution up to 20 Mega pixels and more is essential to examine dynamically changing micro objects, to compare changes of micro objects in time and to analyze a micro probe even after its destruction.
Software “Dianel - Micro” makes possible to re-equip laboratories at minimal costs, to motivate the patients to have procedures and health-improving programs in your center, to open diagnostic cabinets and earn more by providing overall diagnostic services.


Dianel®-Micro is software that pieces together a Laboratory Microscope  and  personal computer with Windows by means of digital video camera into a powerful workstation and research complex.

NOTE! In order make measurements, a microscope needs to be calibrated to determine the correlations between the optical and digital system of the microscope. Calibration is done with the help of a special measurement instrument called calibration slide.


Dianel-Micro - digital microscopes software for visualization of live blood analysis - hemoscaning

Software features briefly:

Dianel®-Micro compatible with any USB digital camera from the simplest to well-known brands.

Dianel®-Micro has a friendly and intuitive interface that allows you quickly perform routine.

Dianel®-Micro is suitable for analysis any objects and environments with photo and video capture Totally fits for any researches in materials research laboratories, destructive testing of materials, products in Metallography, Materials Science, Forensics, Inspection, etc. laboratories.

Dianel®-Micro allows you to make visual analysis, measurement of microobjects, samples.

Dianel®-Micro is copyrighted. Created by our company and can be modified and adapted for any customer's needs.


Main functions of the Dianel®-Micro Created especially for professionals.

Dianel®-Micro is created specifically for commercial use, for professional use;

Maintain convenient file of sampleas and objects studies. There are available following fields In the "Card of research": Name, Age, taking date, description and others. It is possible to rename fields and increase its quantity. All the data can be sorted by its attributes. Software allows to record the history (state and changes) of the microobjest patient as of the time of health checkup. Individual approach to patients is a good reputation of Medical Center. Taking into account a patient's condition as of the time of health checkup and presence rooted or regular health problems allows to work with patients individually, accurately identify any disease, to choose recreational or treatment program individually, considering many factors. All together it helps to your patient to find health and enhance the reputation of your Medical Center. Easy work with high functionality. All the results of studies are stored automatically in the patient's folder. All the photos and videos, made during the survey can be viewed directly in the program Dianel®-Micro or by using the standard means of Windows. Also it is possible to rectify video camera's settings, to choose saving folder and compression ratio for video and pics. Choise of medicine function for Epicrisis allows, viewing stored images from a selected group of drugs, to select one or more and send in Epicrisis for further printouts (with or without annotations) Digital zoom up to 8x. Videos of live blood can be viewed in full screen real-time, at the best quality. Standard optical zoom 1800x using 17" monitor. Impressive? There is an additional digital zoom 8x in soft Dianel®-Micro Tracing of time history. Every single video and photo file, caught in file of patients or studies has its own recording date, which allows to compare test results after second checkup and print both samples of blood.


Measurement and counting function.

This program has the possibility of size measuring given objects, selecting an area and pasting text inscriptions in the picture, counting objects and its groups.

Record video with audio comments. Doctor's audio comments to what is going on on the screen during the survey, are automatically recorded via microphone - we get a complete video clip. The Dianel®-Micro allows you to create a semi-automatic epicrisis, list of medical history, identified problems and pathologies and appointments for health improvement program, treatment, and additional research. The program containes universal patterns of appointments, from which you can quickly create a versatile detailed recommendations for patient. Good discharge summary - face of the medical company. Our epicrisis contains: a detailed opinion and detailed recommendations on the treatment, diet, exercise and drugs. Epicrisis can be saved in Microsoft Word (*.doc) format.

The Dianel®-Micro has the means of individualization of your organization. In the settings you can specify or change company's name and logo, enter the rank of operator (physician, academician, professor). These data will be automatically printed in each epicrisis. Print all results, save them in on your external storage devices (thumb-drive, hard disk, CD). It is possible to choose the number and size of pictures made in the program during the checkup. Write to CD with one click. This feature provides the ability to save results of survey on CD, and distribute them to the patient. All photos and video files are saved in formats compatible for playback in consumer DVD players and personal computers.


The system requirements for the software Dianel-Micro


Download the User Guide for the Dianel®-Micro software


Install or upgrade Dianel®-Micro software


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