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DIANEL VRT-OS - Vegetative resonance test system for medical diagnostics and therapy

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Theoretical basics of the method

The method of vegetative resonance test (VRT) was proposed H. Schimmel. It is based on a method of electropunctural diagnostics on a reproducible measurement point (MP). VRT is based on the fundamental property of biological systems - their vibratory nature which is seen in the oscillative changes of the biophysical and biochemical parameters. This is the mechanism that is implemented in the vegetative resonance test. When the wave source of the human body (a system of organs, an organ, a body part) interacts with a test preparation (homeopathic remedy, organ preparation, etc.) introduced into the measuring circuit, variation of the measured parameters is recorded as the response of the Vegetative nerve system to the wave interference that occurs in the body when the coincidence of wave spectra takes place. VRT test involves registration of the changes of the electrical conductivity at the measurement point when a test preparation is introduced into the measuring circuit. The method is based on the use of a single reproducible mesurement point and a special  measuement technique to measure the electric conductivity of the meausrement points when introducing test preparations, which mark the presence or absence of certain disorders in various organs and systems of a patient. VRT measurement is not based on absolute values ​​of conductivity in a point, rather on the registration of a shift of parameters under the influence the test drugs included in the measuring circuit , and therefore it is less sensitive to external interference and disturbing factors. DOCTOR Special® software used with the diagnostic system provides automatic parameter registration, the quick processing of the data and storage and accessibility of the extensive background materials and research history.

Functions of the Dianel VRT-OS system

DIANEL-VRT and DIANEL VRT-OS allow for an integrated analysis of the current state of the human health

- To determine the extent of damage to the immune system, to carry out a correction of its functions;
- Identify viral, bacterial, mycotic load on the body and its localization in organs;
- To make the elimination of toxins;
- To reveal organs with different disorders;
- To determine the efficacy and tolerability of medicines;
- To determine the total allergic load (allergy) and specific allergens, reduce and normalize the body's response to an antigen or allergen;
- To identify pre-cancer and cancer, initiation and adjustment of supportive therapy;
- To identify shortage of specific vitamins, enzymes, hormones, microelements;
- To dentify cystic processes;
- To evaluate the psycho-emotional stress, normalize and improve the adaptive capacity of the central nervous system;
- To determine the biological age, with which you can identify the risk of severe degenerative diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
- To evaluate patient's adaptation reserves, a specific person's reserves which are optimal for the current moment and the maximum possible reserves;

- To determine the impact of psychological problems on the degree of depletion of adaption reserves, and, consequently, on the development of specific pathologies;
- To carry out ChronoSemantic diagnosticson mantic biologically active points;
- To use the patient's  information matrix for diagnosis and treatment, to fix it on the media while exposing a patient to information signals signals determined during the dignostics, to determine the correction signal and record it on the media.

Moreover, problems in the organs and systems are determined at the stage of functional changes, when there is no physical damage to the body, which helps prevent the development of a disease.

Features and Benefits of the Dianel VRT-OS system:

- In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostics (testing) DIANEL-VRT and DIANEL VRT-OS modules contain a built-in auto-calibration unit, which allows testing with high precision and reliability even at unsustainable readings in patients with lowadaptation reserves.

- The high sensitivity of the measuring unit and a visual display of the testing process on a computer screen allows for testing at high speed (up to thirty measurements per minute), which allows the doctor to get a huge amount of information in a short time - a complete examination takes about 30 minutes.
- The DIANEL-VRT and DIANEL VRT-OS modules have a built-in equalizer of baseline indicators, allowing to make diagnosis even in patients with abnormally high or abnormally low baseline indicators at a measurement point.

- In order to reduce electromagnetic load on a patient during testing, that causes skin  polarization (so-called "point's fatigue") the testing signal comprises a depolarizing component that allows the entire process to conduct diagnosis at a single point without disrupting its parameters.

- Measurements are taken with a miniature diagnostic probe rod about 1 mm in diameter (other manufacturers use ball probe 3 ÷ 3,5 mm in diameter), which allows to drastically reduce the pressure on the measurement  point in up to 50 ÷ 100 grams. Due to this the measurement is carried out "in one-touch" within 2 ÷ 3 seconds (other manufacturers use a long alternating pressing at the measurement point with 3÷5 times as much pressure - the  "pumping" method). This allowed to reduce the total test time by a 2 ÷ 4 times - up to 5 minutes at a prophylaxy examination for 20 ÷ 50 nosologies, and up to 30 ÷ 40 minutes at full examination with the pathogen identification and location followed by the selection of therapy drugs.

- Conducting a comprehensive overall prophylaxy examination of patient (for example, an employee of the organization), allowing to identify even those socially significant problems such as cancer, drug addiction, hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, and others. Testing 30-50 nosologies takes about 5-10 minutes! Thus problems can be identified at a very early preclinical stage, when clinical symptoms still absent and conventional diagnostic methods are not able to identify early manifistations of a serious disease.
- Testing for a comprehensive overall prophylaxy examination under stiff guidelines may be carried out by a single operator with low to medium level of medical qualification who do not have a MD degree and special computer skills. Test results are later sudied by a doctor for diagnosis and medical decision.
- Testing a wide range of diseases with a high degree of accuracy. The reliability of the VRT method according the Guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation №99/96 reaches 87% depending on nosolgy and therapeutic area.

- Medicine database of the DIANEL-VRT and DIANEL VRT-OS systems contains more than 40 thousand medicienes (with non-stop work on updating and expansion of the database).
- DIANEL VRT OS module has an autonomous switching selector with LED indicator that allows to use preparation of the medical category directly, as well their inversions, modifcations by the electronic potentiation and by inclusion any preparations (eg, urine, blood, mucus, allergens Nosodes etc.) in the contour. This makes it possible to use almost all the modern techniques of resonance homeopathy: ChronoSemantic diagnostics (ChSD), "targeting", tumor markers,BRT loading and other .

- The use of the system allows to reliably determine the type of a pathogen or a unhealthy load and its location; carry out the selection of medicines for the treatment of a particular disease, taking into account  patient's individual properties and current condition.

- DIANEL-VRT and DIANEL VRT-OS mudules enable transfer of energetic properties ("recording") on a matrix substance (water, homeopathic sugar crumbles, alcohol solution, wax and other materials).
- DOCTOR Special® software provides a very good visulization of the diagnostics and theraoy, it is user-freindlyvisibility and requires no special computer skills and knowledge!
- It is possible to use the diagnostic modules within the local network with the computer of the administrator and/or the dispatcher.
- The system provides an opportunity to carry out remote diagnosis via the communication line. In this case an appointment can be subdivided into the technical part (testing conducted by the operator without special medical education) and correction programs for the treatment of individual patients, monitoring and adjustment of medica recommendations (executed by the most qualifed staff).
- Exceptionally high technical performance of equipment - high-density multilayer board, SMD mounting, modern imported electronic components.
DIANEL-VRT or DIANEL VRT-OS are NOT expert systems that automatically make a diagnosis, using the measurement results for rigidly preset algorithm. It is a modern powerful user-friendly tool that allows the doctor to quickly make the correct diagnosis based on data derived from the test taking into account the an initial examination, a medical history and complaints and patient. It is the doctor that chooses the strategy for diagnostics and medicines for the treatment based on the individual characteristics and condition of patient. There are more than 40 thousand of test preparations, the physical properties of which are listed in the selector of medicines of the diagnostic modules, which can be accessed directly from the the DOCTOR Special® soiftware

DIANEL VRT-OS module includes (in one case), DIANEL-VRT (VRT unit) and two BRT units. The module DIANEL VRT-OS provides an option to work with GSK polarizer.

Комплектация диагностического модуля Дианел-ВРТ ОС

 DIANEL-VRT-OS system includes:
- Diagnostic module KMDT-VRT-OS;
- A double cord for testing;
- Plate cavity;
- Single cable to transfer information;
- Triple cord to transfer information and therapy;
- Single cable for transfer of information (cylindrical electrode);
- Single cable to remove the information HSD;
- Interface cable;
- Power Supply;
- user manual;
- Passport;
- A list of drugs medical selector;
- Software DOCTOR Special ®;
- User guide to IN DOCTOR Special®;
- Personal computer (notebook);
- Packing.



The main parameters of the module DIANEL-VRT OS:
Modules DIANEL-ART and ART-DIANEL OS allow:
Diagnostics (testing): flexible circuits connect test factors are used to quickly and easily test allows the doctor to get a diversified comprehensive assessment of the patient;
RECORDING: energy-transfer properties of drugs from medical selector and / or the patient's condition to the media, as well as therapeutic modules Dianel Dianel and BN-BRT with the ability to change potency and inversion of properties;
THERAPY: energy-transfer properties of drugs from medical selector and / or condition of the patient to therapeutic accessories (electrodes). Therapy using modules DIANEL-VRT and VRT DIANEL-operating more closely and more fully transmit the necessary information properties of drugs to the patient, bypassing the media and the way through the digestive tract. In fact, it is the drug of the drug selector module.
THERAPY with simultaneous recording: energy-transfer properties of drugs from medical selector and / or the patient's condition to the media with simultaneous transmission of information on the therapeutic properties of accessories (electrodes)


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