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MEDI Sensor W601-S disposable electrodes. 30 pcs pack.

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Disposable Ø 55 mm ECG electrodes (TENS electrodes). ECG electrodes are used as skin sensors placed on fingers to pick up patient condition data.

Disposable electrodes are used in psychophysiological examination with Dianel-5110, Dianel-5111, Dianel-5120, Dianel-5121 or Dianel-5122 diagnostic systems  (or previous generation devices Dianel 22S-iON or Dianel11S-iON) and Dianel-iON program, as well in bio-resonance diagnostics with Dianel Pro or Dianel 2.0 program. These Ag / AgCl electrodes can be used as the Holter device sensors for Holter monitoring and long-term monitoring.

Disposable electrodes with the adhesive layer on the basis of a solid gel, designed for the good adhesion in difficult study conditions.  It can be used for long-term monitoring and Holter monitoring. The coating material of the electric current collector surface is Ag / AgCl. Jelly-like (solid state) high Conductivity Gel, does not leave adhesive residues on the skin. They are specially designed to be used in constrained adhesion condititons, which normally occur during a standard test.

Manufacturing: Ceracarta SpA, Italy.
Foundation - a non-woven material (Wet)

Packed in paper and aluminum bags, 30 electrodes in the package.

The price is for the 30 pcs package.
Attention. All written and online information relating to configuration, performance, as well as the cost of production is for informational purposes, and under no circumstances is not a public offer which is defined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Accurate data, we will inform you in the offer or in the long run.


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