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Welcome to the official website of Center Information Technology "NELIAN" LLC"
the developer and manufacturer of MEDICAL IMAGING SYSTEMS for non-invasive diagnostics and visualization:
  • "Biolaz-Oberon®" and "Dianel®" diagnostic systems for comprehensive health tests based on bioresonance non-linear computer diagnostics with full biological feedback;
  • "Dianel®-iON" diagnostic systems for complete psychophysiological assessment including stress grades and variations, signs of depressive and specific behavior psychological testing with the hardware control based on the objective psychophysiological data;
  • "Dianel®-Micro" software for the computerized analysis of measurements by digital trinocular microscopes and by digital stereomicroscopes. It is the English language software package with the handy Research Database, analysis and measurement functions etc.;
  • Digital trinocular microscopes with the professional software "Dianel®-Micro" (on the basis of the microscope brands Olympus, Nikon, Micros, Meiji, LOMO Mikmed, Micromed etc.) and High resolution digital cameras for laboratory and biological research, metallographic and stereoscopic microscope for the measurement of the microscopic objects, imaging, photo documentation in forensic processing, metallographic and material studies, demonstrations and projections of microscopic objects and real processes to the students in class;
  • Live blood analysis microscope (versatile models and of versatile price), including digital trinocular straight microscope (i.e. light field), a high speed microscopy digital camera and special Dianel-Micro software, customized for the live blood microscopy.

  • For the convenience of the users of our equipment, we offer:
  • A wide range of optional equipment and a accessories for the modernization of the microscopes for the microscope upgrades - darkfield condenser, luminescence units, phase contrast, polarized light units, optical filters, lenses and eyepieces FULL HD digital USB cameras, microscope camera adaptors, microscope stage micrometers, and consumables (in particular for the live blood analysis practices);
  • Consumables for medical devices including patient monitors, cardiography and physiotherapy equipment, myostimulation devices - pulse oximetry sensors, temperature sensors, medical cables, myostimulation cables etc.
    Digital imaging systems with a high-grade visualization in medical diagnostics is the key focus of our company's activity we have been professionally following for many years. Digital imaging and analysis come into use in medicine (primary comprehensive diagnostics), in microscopy - life science laboratory studies, forensic science, metallography studies - wherever a researcher needs documentary evidence and qualitative analysis of small and extremely small objects. Evidence-based medicine and qualitative analysis is impossible without imaging. For this purpose, CIT Nelian LLC has developed a family of Dianel® software products of world class level and standards.
    Our devices have been serving the needs of global and domestic (Russia) customers since 1998. We are highly interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with each customer, whether it is a private practitioner, small business physician, or a large public institution, so we offer free Dianel software updates. Every day our specialists provide customer support technical help and instruction, consultation, as well as various training programs on diagnostics.
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