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Manufacturer APC Biolaz-Oberon and Dianel Ltd. CIT NELIAN is looking for distributors and representatives.

We are interested that you were our representative, advertise our staff have worked on it and staged demonstrations to show those who are interested in the unit and its acquisition.There are two kinds of cooperation / earnings:

private individual - the information representative of  the work of private person who bought our machine and to its users: If someone buys on your recommendations, we are ready to pay 10% fee or more, or you can buy vehicles for resale. For all buyers act accumulative discount system. In the future, you can buy for its discount unit Biolaz-Oberon and resell it at a recommended retail price or more expensive, but keep the difference. Discount is growing with each unit purchased. Thus, the discount information representative can grow up to 15%.

Pluses: If you do not need this to be a registered legal entity or private entrepreneur, paying taxes on your conscience - perfect for fans of network marketing. All deliveries of goods made out of accounting records to the end customer, as expected. Information can be a distributor representative. 

Disadvantages: The maximum discount of 15%.

Distributor, Representative: Distribution contract was only with the registered legal entity or private entrepreneur after the purchase of a third vehicle. When giving dealer's contract specifies a location (or country) - a zone of your powers. The dealer is working on a fixed discount, set by the manufacturer (us). Discounts are shared stages and depend on the number of appliances purchased during the reporting period (quarter = 3 months). Status Distribution depends on the number of vehicles sold distributor for the previous reporting period. Discounts are formed depending on the number of appliances purchased during the quarter and do not depend on the number of purchased appliances at a time., Ie depend on the status of distributors. Cooperation distributors and manufacturer Ltd. "CIT" NELIAN "of the contract, to which was attached a protocol agreeing purchase prices. Distributor (on contract) takes the advertisement and service vehicles Biolaz-Oberon and / or APC Dianel also addresses issues of transportation and customs clearance goods. Distributed while receiving a certificate for a color form of water marks, confirming his authority. On our site put contact information on the distributor, its powers. finding customers being your own, but we are trying to send to your customers from your region. You must perform a minimum amount of purchases per quarter, otherwise the manufacturer reserves the right to terminate the contract with your dealer unilaterally. Distribyurtora Retail prices may be higher, because the have to take into account the cost of transportation, customs clearance, and the specifics of the region in which Distributed work. All deliveries of goods made out of accounting records as expected. The payment of taxes on your conscience. Dealer discounts can be as high as 30% of the recommended retail value of vehicles.

Pluses: Working on a dealer system, you get discounts bo'lshie - hence bo'lshuyu difference between the procurement and the suggested retail price. Schedule purchases - fixed, discounts depend on your volume - large volume - large discounts. We (the manufacturer LTD CIT NELIAN) trying to send to your customers purchase from your region. Distribyurtora Retail prices may be higher ...

Disadvantages: In addition you must be a registered legal entity or private entrepreneur, the agreement is terminated with a decrease in the volume of procurement is below the allowable. 

Any questions you can send to us via e-mail or ask by phone +7 (495) 518-2541, 518-25-61 We are ready for fruitful cooperation with you! Opening hours daily from 10 to 18 hours. - Saturdays and Sundays.

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