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QuestionDoes Dianel-22S-ion  does treatments also? YouTube training video says that it has database of  medicines but does it do energy treatment or correct the  organ frequency?
Answer: Yes, Dianel 22S-iON can do treatment - Energy Informational influence (the same as Mora-Therapy)

QuestionYouTube training video says that it has database of  medicines but does it do energy treatment or correct the  organ frequency?
Answer: We can do spectronosode treatment (we can charge matrix=sugarballs/water/alchogol/oil) with any medicine from DataBase - it will become spectronosode pill, then patient will take this pills and become healthy. Organ's energy will be changed by correct energy from spectronosode.

Questionwhere is the training? I am in ____ country , City ____. do u have and DEMO video of the device not only diagnose of the patient but also treating the  patient?
Answer:  This is not a problem.... We have huge experience to make training by skype and Teamviewer.  Or we can make training in big city near to your town for you and maybe other customers. Till now we have no DEMO video, as you ask... You are right - we need to have tis video, but Skype and Teamviewer is enough. We are ready to make you Free 2  hours DEMO by Skype or Teamviewer - lets fix date and time.
Our specialist can come to your office. The organization of a diagnostic cabinet on the basis of Health-diagnostic Complex Dianel or Biolaz-Oberon on a turn-key basis. For simplification of calculations, we have fixed price including delivery of the device, air tickets, residing, training, installing "on a turn-key basis", as uniform service. + cost of machines you prefer. It is usual rule.

Question: how long will take to analyze the patient? if each organ has to be placed and check, it will take too long.
Answer: Normal test of full body about 50 organs and organcuts (but not all the organs) - it is more than enough - will take about 20 minutes. And analising of condition with consultation of patient with individual program selection - about 1 hour. Patient will be glad that you've talk and work with him in detailes...
Or you can test only 20 organs about = 7 minutes and work with patient = 30 mins, so it will be about 40 minutes summary... We work hard to increase testing speed and we've done a lot on this field.

Question: does it has provision that once complaing  filled in sysyem, it will analyze whole body? if yes, how long does it take?
Answer: Dianel-pro software  has automatic testing mode (software automatically test step-by-step all the not healthy organs - it  variant can take about 10-50 minutes depends on level of health of patient - ) and manual testing mode (doctor select only that organs he want to test - we have speed 4 organs per minute - you can manage your time for every patient and make focus on special zone of organs).

Question: Let us 5 organs are in chronic condition, how long will take treatment for each organ?
Answer: Treatment by Dianel-22S-iON for 1 organ will take up 2 minutes. So, 5 x 2 = 10 minutes. Not too much, isn't it?

Question: Does device will show out of all remedies, which will be the best?
AnswerYes, the most recommended remedies for patient software Dianel-pro will show in the top of the list of remedies with special coefficient of recommendation. But doctor should recommend the best remedies from the list using his own experience and according indications and contraindications of remedy.

Question. Is it possible to import in to device homeopathy digital coded medicine?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to test all the remedies you have using BioResonance chamber (present in complete set of machine Dianel-22S-iON). Tests is possible using the probe in glass of every remedy separately or together with samples of other remedies. Results will be saved like virtual condition of patient's organ with influence of remedy/remedies.


Question: Hello, can I buy Dianel or Biolaz-Oberon Health Diagnostic Complex on installments or lease condition?
Answer: Yes, we have favorable installments condition for Biolaz-Oberon Complexes. See page installments condition for Health Diagnostic Complexes Biolaz-Oberon Bioresonance NLS Health Diagnostic Complex "Dianel®" and "Biolaz-Oberon®" with bioresonance therapy function, moratherapy, for Health screening test organism

Question: Hello, is there dietary supplements Vision company present in the data base of «Dianel-Pro» software?
Answer:Dietary supplements Vision is a good high-performance products. Full range of products that the company made in the framework of standards of "Dianel-Pro" and it is accessible to individual selection and vegetative testing with involvement of the tested patient. The "Dianel-Pro" program ensuring functioning of devices "Biolaz-Oberon", contains a wide choice of production of many firms in the base of standards. The client receives the program with those preparations which he selects.

Question: Is the digital scheme for measuring the pressure
Answer: Any business proposals to send to our email

Question: Cost of training to get a certificate? Dates of training? Cost of "Oberon" and the program on the terms of shipment at own expense?
Answer: LLC "Center of Information Technologies NELIAN" teach professionals method of APC "Biolaz-Oberon / DIANEL" intended for computer bioresonance nonlinear NLS Express testing the human body, identify the problems and pathologies, detection of predisposition to the development of other diseases, as well as the individual selection of medical, preventive, homeopathic medicines and dietary supplements, taking into account all peculiarities of the organism. The cost of the individual three-day course is 6000 rubles. The price includes, of course, the issuance of the certificate. The cost of devices Biolaz-Oberon (or Dianel) is given on Price list page the online store.

Question: Good afternoon. How you can trust your equipment? If the rate of disease from 0,500 to 0,978 (not red) - this is a disease or not? Explanation from the doctor who carried out the diagnosis, I have never understood. A fear is that - because of factors I have to score any parasites - from trihinell to echinococcus, and not only me, but all family members. In doing so we feel good, pets in the house not doing a healthy lifestyle, do not eat neprozharennoe meat and unwashed fruits and so on, are urban residents. It may be that these factors have nothing to say no? Sincerely, Olga, Kiev
Answer: Hello! The accuracy of detecting the presence of parasites in the body - the staff Biolaz-Oberon-11S, on average, 75-80%. It depends on the variety of parasites. Theoretically, the pathological processes (diseases, viruses, helminths, etc.) with koeffitsitsientami of 0.4250 and above are likely to have the organism in 60% or less. Ie The higher the ratio, the less likely the existence of the process. Since parasitic little difficult - since the apparatus tests the state of the body and the presence of parasites, we can determine the toxic effects of harmful products of these parasites in this organ. Practice shows that 90% of the population (including urban) is from 1 to 5 strains of parasites. And people do not feel even ... In your situation, such a range of values of coefficients, one can say that you probably do not have parasites. But for sure, you better check the microflora and stool testing for the presence of parasites. Depending on the results, you can either continue their traditional way of life and not spend money on antiparasitic program or urgent drink antiparasitic drugs.

Question: Hello! ON INDICATORS (Technical YOU Tale) STAFF VERY beautiful, but NO-ONE seems similar INDICATORS AND A APPARATUS CANO-1 (EVEN HE, they say!) - PRICE UVAS 110,250 rubles, but CANO 1 WORTH 12000 rubles! What's the difference?, Where appropriate characteristics? IF YOUR STAFF AND THIS IS in fact, NOT ADVERTISING SALE, OPPORTUNITY TO PHYSICIANS underestimate this unit. Sincerely, Elias.
Answer: You are comparing our apparatus Biolaz-Oberon-11S (or Dianel-11S) with the apparatus CANO-1. This comparison is not entirely correct, explain why: The unit is working on completely different techniques: machine Biolaz-Oberon-11S by the method of noncontact bioresonance testing, and is working on a method CANO Nakatani - diagnosis based on biologically active points by using a special probe electrode. These machines are not even correct to compare - they have completely different objectives and scope, ie They are not analogues. Because of the difference between the methods of testing the accuracy bioresonance much higher because in the diagnosis method Nakatani doctor, much less home-user device CANO-1 may be a mistake in selecting the locations to use different force pressing, miss the point by BAT - ie "human factor" significantly affect the results. In China, experts trained to identify biologically active points a few years ... In the diagnosis apparatus Biolaz-Oberon-11S (or Dianel-11S), all research is in the fully automatic mode, noncontact, and the "human factor" completely excluded. The accuracy depends on the accuracy of the program standards - at the expense of the accuracy achieved by identifying pathological processes up to 90%. Features different devices: Biolaz-Oberon-11S (or Dianel-11S) with Dianel can: * Test 200 bodies separately * Identify some 500 pathological processes * to pick up about 1000 of useful biologically active substances, and about 2000 BADov from 28 firms * hold Vegetative resonance test any substance * hold energokorrektiruyuschee curative effect on any of the 200 tested bodies * to compile and print a detailed professional epicrisis and print charts about 200 available for the testing of all this is built into the program Dianel. In the apparatus CANO-1 may test only 12 meridians, and they pick Bada limited number of firms. Hardware software (Staff) Biolaz-Oberon-11S (or Dianel-11S) is designed to provide paid services in health facilities and doctors' offices - that is, for professional use specially trained to work on this instrumentation people. Staff CANO-1 with the program - designed for home use by people without the necessary skills and expertise. Thus, you are right, and physicians underestimate the capacity of the device Biolaz-Oberon-11S (or Dianel-11S), while many enjoy and is very happy and recommend to others.

Question:You give in installments STAFF AT A TIME (NOT IN CREDIT NOT FOR RENT !!!)? I would acquire him POSLEDUYUSHIM Redemption - and would be your representative in our city or REPUBLIC! Sincerely, YOUR adherents and ZHELAYUSHY PURCHASE APPARATUS, Ilyas.
Answer: Yes, we have favorable installments condition for Biolaz-Oberon Complexes. See page installments condition for Health Diagnostic Complexes Biolaz-Oberon Bioresonance NLS Health Diagnostic Complex "Dianel®" and "Biolaz-Oberon®" with bioresonance therapy function, moratherapy, for Health screening test organism. We are naturally concerned that you advertised our office in your city and country. Please call us - sure, we will find common ground and negotiate favorable terms for your work.

Question: If the missing documents to your machine (sertifikaty. Title), whether you have to order again?
Answer: We need to know the series and number of staff, as well as who bought it and who benefited. If you provide this data, we are ready to restore to you all for your documents, issue new certificates, etc.

Question: start set Daniel Pro 11S. When you log on (Biolaz-Oberon), the program starts to check the ports Com1, Som2 and then "dump" in Windows. What should I do?
Answer: The protection works Windows XP, protecting the Com-port c in any device. There is a need to reconfigure the device at the Com-9, and the problem disappears. When you log on, do not forget to wear your headphones and take the electrodes in the hand of the user according to the instructions (on the disk with the program Dianel). Either you need to call technical support on the phone. +7 495 518 25 41 (multi), and there you will have expert advice on the phone. If necessary, send the necessary updates Dianel.

Question: Good day! I own the hardware and software complex Biolaz Oberon-11s living in Nikolaev, Ukraine. I want to go training in the immediate region, as well as updating program Dianel. Please suggest where I can be contacted on these issues? Is it possible to do in Ukraine? Valentina
Answer: Hello, Valentina! As to the updates you can contact us either in LLC CIT NELIAN by email or by phone or to your nearest representative. Full list of officials is given on the representatives of our web site. If you need update your copy Dianel software, please read this DESCRIPTION ABOUT UPDATE OF SOFTWARE Dianel Pro, Dianel-Micro, Dianel iON.

Question: Tell me whether the unit with the dietary supplement company Glorion?
Answer: Yes, the program Dianel-Pro products of Glorion there. When buying a vehicle should be reported as the group of standards you need to fully work. Depending on your application, you will receive the appropriate registration code. List of product standards imposed in a database program Dianel-Pro, you can see here.

Question: Give way, you can purchase your vehicle?
Answer: We are presenting to you a contract to supply, taking into account the delivery and by showing the entire amount. After payment we will send you an account apparatus. The contract specified period of 3 working days after payment. In addition we offer you the most to come to Moscow and get acquainted with our equipment, see it in action, evaluate it and go through training to master the features of the program and then pay for and receive equipment. Question: Hello! Give that different APC Biolaz Oberon-11S from the 11S-PRO? Answer: Biolaz-Oberon 11S Pro - an improvement to the professional staff he has more opportunities in the testing of drugs of information recording using the two set at it bioresonance cells. A software with a maximum data base with the subsequent free updates. There are individual discounts. More you can read here.

Question: How many people per 8-hour working day could take the physician working at the Oberon Biolaz-11S? How much time the doctor is allocated entirely to one patient?
Answer: The standard cycle time of a patient 1.5 hours of work provided by experienced physicians, who have received special training. This time includes everything - from the establishment of a patient before issuing its opinion the patient (epicrisis) and charts of concern. Depending on the qualifications of the doctor or to the number of problems for the patient and can increase or decrease. This test itself takes about 15-25 minutes, depending on the number of investigated organs and sections.

Question: Good afternoon. I work at Biolaz Oberon-11S, but bought a new Dianel Pro and it is impossible for it to work, with the removal of information all the time you receive a warning that there is no signal from the sensors and the exit from the program (with a dense holding sensors). What do I do? Who can apply? Kishinev. Moldova.
Answer: If you have problems in the hardware and software complex Biolaz-Oberon or Dianel should contact the representative (to the person or organization) from which you purchased the unit. If you can not get help from a representative, please contact us by e-mail or call technical support - they are listed in the warranty card or on our website at Contact page

Question: Hello, dear company NELIAN! I bought you in October 2006, through your representative in Moldova Lukiyan DM program DIANEL PRO.U we encountered the following problems and questions: 1. documents the program does not fill the warranty card, no date of sale, and who sold, not print. And yet - whether you need in documents indicate in whose name the unit is designed ... 2. with the reading of the patient is often a warning of the need to repeat the table and reset the program very often - so it is not possible the taking of testimony. 3. when considering your site, we saw a long list of producers of dietary supplements, spectrogram products which can be used for supplies and testing. In my program a list of these companies are very small - how to get additional information about the products of companies VITAMAKS, NyuVeys and Ayurveda. How soon and how much does it cost? We want it badly to work, because We use these products. 4. Give us how to act - whether on the above issues (and future) to your representative, we (as indicated on your site) or directly to you. Thank you for your reply. My eladres Sincerely, Alexander Ianovna Kyshlar
Answer: The answer to your questions: 1. Representative or trading organizations must fill out warranty card. 2. Read the user manual - on CD, all users of our devices should be mandatory training - you certainly do not pass. So you ask such questions. Electrodes must be kept properly to Energy Level was about the middle of the scale, wearing headphones. You should click on the button "continue / redo" and not on the button "Close Dianel. Please call - to answer. 3. standard program Dianel-Pro-standard group and 5 groups of dietary supplements, if necessary, you may be sent by e-mail the new code under a different combination of standards groups, but after your query by e-mail with a list of all the that you need. If you need more than 5 BAS groups - each group is charged extra, according to price list. 4. If you experience problems, please contact or representative, or to us, as you prefer. Once again, I encourage you to study - this directly affects the quality and success of your work. Training is conducted at our office in Moscow, individually, at any convenient time. Sincerely, CIT NELIAN
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