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Advantages of computer bioresonance testing using Hardware-Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" or HSC "Dianel"

Computer bioresonance testing has significant advantages over traditional methods of medical diagnostics, which cause his popularity.

   1. First of all, the method is universal. Hardware-Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" / "Dianel" can be applied to address the widest range of tasks. The developed computerized systems that work with modern software allow highly informative pre-medical study of human health and to identify pathological changes in the earliest stages of formation, to predict the dynamics of development and regression of disease in the future. Testing of human beings through the apparatus Biolaz-Oberon 11S and selection of recreational programs - conveniently, quickly, exactly!
   2. This method of testing the most convenient for the customer, does not require any preliminary preparation (fasting, enemas, taking toxic drugs, etc.). On the contrary, it is better when the client is tested in its normal, regular, albeit painful, condition. It only affect the increase in the reliability study using the Hardware-Software Complex Biolaz-Oberon or HSC Dianel.
   3. Method bioresonance testing using Hardware-Software Complex Biolaz-Oberon or HSC Dianel to evaluate the status of each body, its various sections, or cells in 15-60 points on 6-point scale digital scale that can detect very small, hidden, and only starting painful.
   4. Using the apparatus Biolaz-Oberon or HSC Dianel in clinics and offices, health improvement and prophylactic institutions can significantly reduce the time for a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient as a system as a whole. Lump sum assessed the presence and interaction of various pathological changes and a predisposition to it in the organs, tissues and systems inspected.
   5. Application of the device hardware and software complex Biolaz-Oberon or HSC Dianel not accompanied by a radioactive or other harmful effects on the body, so it is safe to use even in the study of pregnant women and infants or debilitated patients.
   6. Visibility of the testing process ensures the program Dianela-Pro and is an important advantage. The entire course of study of each organ is displayed on the monitor and must be visible under test. In the selection of health products specialist can and should demonstrate the effectiveness of the tested recommended drugs that most effectively motivates the client to the recovery and administration of drugs. Testing of the arteries of the head and neck - definition of the functional state
   7. Another advantage of the method is a control function that allows the process to consider the dynamics, based on earlier results and predicting the development of the disease with possible treatments. This feature makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of designated products and allows to adjust, if necessary, assigned to the program of recovery.
   8. On the basis of data obtained from an organism, the computer running the program Dianela-Pro is individually selected recreational drugs, the most effective resembling the client for recovery and prevention found in his possession, and chronic disease processes. The device comes with bioresonance emitter, whereby there is a unique opportunity for health effects in the form of classical bio-resonance correction energy at any point, area, organ or body system with simultaneous dynamic control of the results of therapy on the monitor.
   9. Program Dianela-Pro "contains detailed descriptions of all encyclopedic standards, which makes the program unique reference. Operator carrying out the testing HSC "Biolaz-Oberon" / "Dianel" can see a description of any reference or comment on the appointment of the standard, before directing. This prevents unnecessary and incorrect setting of the processes and recommendations.
  10. Automating the process of preparing the conclusion satisfies the requirements of all users of HSC "Biolaz-Oberon" / "Dianel." Recommendations for diet, exercise therapy, sleep mode and leisure destination for further analysis and consultation of specialists may be added just the touch of a button.

Hardware-Software Complex "Biolaz-Oberon" / "Dianel" was tested (more. ..) and can be successfully applied to solve various problems, foremost among which is a comprehensive pre-testing of the whole organism client's individual choice of preventive and curative medicines: herbal medicine , homeopathy, allopathy and biologically active additives to food.

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