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Experience of the practical implementation of the Hardware-Software Complex “Biolaz-Oberon” for diagnostics and treatment of different diseases.  

1. Medical center "Аndromeda", Tolyatti. Safonov I.V., G.R.Kasyanov, T.A.Grigoryan, V.A.Lebedeva.

In cases of female sterility the algorithm of examination has to include the analysis of clinic-anamnestic parameters, first of all. In this connection, on the primary before-clinic- stage, alongside with the used gynecologists questionnaires – questionnaires, the using of “Biolas-Oberon” hardware and software complex can be a special interest...Read more
2. Doctor of supreme category, medical center "Аndromeda", Tolyatti. T.A.Grigorjan.

On the basis of our medical centre a group of patients having various infectious-inflammatory deseases (clinically established) in urinogenital spheres (men and women, 174 persons in all) have been examined with using of “Biolas-Oberon” hardware and software complex [2, 3,4]. The results of the nonlinear analysis...Read more
3. Medical center "Andromeda", Tolyatti.T.A.Grigoryan, V.A.Lebedeva.

To optimize the diagnostics of female reproductive system pathology on pre-clinical stage we have used the hardware-software complex "Biolaz-Oberon" [3,4,5]. In total 26 women have been examined who addressed us because of not becoming pregnant after minimum one year regular sexual life...Read more
4. Antenatal clinic, Ivanovo - Frankowsk. O.A.Ben, L.I.Marchenko, P.I.Koljada

In spite of the fact that all listed methods play an important role in the practice of gynecologists, their recommendation demands certain motivations. That’s why the task of our work was to show, that the “Biolaz-Oberon” [6] method has its advantages to be applied when doing pre-clinical diagnostics to detect the pathology of reproductive organs approximately, so that, depended on the results, additional examinations with using of more specialized techniques could be recommended...Read more
5. Gastroenterology Center. A.S.Melnikova, D.I.Stepanov.

According to the basic directions of modern gastroenterological care, we have applied the technique of automated express-diagnostics within the 1,5 years on the basis of our Gastroenterology Center to achieve the early detecting of gastrointestinal tract pathology. For this purpose we have used bioresonant organism-test equipment "Biolaz-Oberon" [2,3]. Depending on the obtained test results and on the basis of clinicoanamnestic data, the FDGS (fibrogastroduodenoscopy), roentgenoscopy of gastrointestinal tract organs, proctosigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy were recommended and, if necessary, histologic examinations to be carried out...Read more
6. Gastroenterology center. A.S.Melnikova

On the basis of ours gastroenterology we have examined a group of patients (57 person) who addressed us because of unstable stool, of the increased meteorism and who has had antibiotica-therapy during the last half-year. The patients were examined with the hardware-software complex "Biolaz-Oberon" [3], the control analyses of feces were carried out in regional bacteriological laboratory. In the table are shown the results of bioresonant test and of bacteriological analyses to detect pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora...Read more
7. Cardiology Center, E.K.Pimenov, M.A.Radkevich.

To optimize the early detection of atherosclerotic involvement of vessels we have applied the method of bio-resonance testing with the “Biolas-Oberon” Hardware and Software Complex...Read more

8. Cardiological center, Semenova O.P., Kochetkov I.J.

The optimal method to examine the patients with diseases of heart and vessels can be, in our opinion, bioresonant testing with using the hardware-software complex "Biolaz-Oberon"...Read more
9. Medical center, Martynov G.B., Ivlev S.A.

With the hardware complex "Biolaz-Oberon" [6] we have tested 43 patients with clinically made pneumonia diagnoses of various localization. The opportunities of the method are shown below...Read more
10. Center of information Medicine, Center "Tyan-Shi", Tolyatti, Region Samara, Physician Nikolenko Lidiya Fyodorovna 

In our Center in the period of September 2004 to December 2004 a research work had been carried out ( 246 patients at the age of 19 to 83 years (123 men and 123 women) were examined) to evaluate the precision and efficiency of the offered method of human organism testing with the Hardware-Software Complex “Biolas-Oberon” [1,2,3]; the theoretic bases of this method correspond to the main principles of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy...Read more
11. Medical center OOO “ESTE”, Sanct-Petersburg, HERBERSHAGEN L.V., NEUROLOGIST ROGINSKAYA J.V.

In the period of 1.04.04 to 6.05.05 we have tested 598 persons. To evaluate the efficiency of the method with using the hardware-software complex “Biolaz-Oberon”[1,2,3], we have chosen a group of persons to be tested, 58 women and 42 men (100 persons in all), who had diseases confirmed by laboratory, biochemical, functional and ultrasound investigation or coinciding with earlier made diagnoses. The age of the patients was 12 to 76 years old...Read more



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