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Contacts of LLC "Center of Information Technologies "NELIAN" - the developer, manufacturer and seller of VISUAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS - Dianel, Biolaz-Oberon and other, complex equipping of Alternative Medicine Clinics that uses Holistic approach to healing.

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Psychological BioFeedback testing, GSR and EDA measurement systems, psychosomatics for psychologists.

Bioresonance DIAGNOSTIC and Endogenous therapy, VEGA-test for integrative and holistic medicine practitioners.

Live Blood Analysis and Darkfield Blood Analysis practice, experience, training for integrative and holistic medicine practitioners.

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 Integrative and Personalized Medicine

 Psychophysiology, Psychosomatics - methods, devices

 Microscopy of Native Blood, Hemoscanning

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Landline: +7(495)518-25-41

Cell: +7-925-518-25-41, +Viber logotip Viber logotip, + WhatsApp logotip, + Telegram logo

Skype: cit-nelian Skype Me™!


Technical support and service:

Cell: +7(926)747-55-51, +Viber logotipViber logotip, + WhatsApp logotip, + Telegram logo

Skype: office-nelian Skype Me™!


Office hours: Monday through Friday: 9:30am -18:30 pm (Moscow time, UTC+3:00)

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays we are closed.

But Daily consultations by the phone +7925-518-2541, +Viber logotipViber logotip, +WhatsApp logotip+ Telegram logo from 9:30 am to 20:00 pm (UTC +3:00)

Operational and delivery Address: Str. Semenovskiy Pereulok, 15, office 422, 107023, Moscow, Russia

How to find us: metro Semenovskaya (Blue Arbatsko-Pokrovskarya line), 4 minutes walk

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List of distributors | Send feedback / offer

  • +7495-518-2541
  • +7926-747-5551
  • *Ежедневно 9:00 – 18:00, UTC+3:00

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