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The method of microscopy of native blood, simply called "hemoscanning", is a qualitative assessment of the shape of the cells of a drop of live blood and the content of blood plasma in a dark field or a bright field, in transmitted light.


Microscopy of native blood on a digital microscope with the Dianel-Micro program is a method of evidence-based medicine. Benefits provided by the Dianel-Micro program in native blood microscopy (hemoscanning). Read more - free download the article in PDF

Introduction to Native Blood Microscopy

One of the advanced methods for diagnosing the state of human health is hemoscanning. Qualitative analysis of a drop of native blood on a dark-field microscope, which is used to study unstained and non-absorbent objects, makes it possible to observe still “living” blood cells in real time.

Features of dark-field microscopy

A characteristic feature of hemodiagnostics is to obtain a visual picture without pre-processing. An indispensable condition for the successful implementation of the analysis is microscopy by the "dark field" method, which registers the most insignificant changes in the refractive power of the objects under study. To obtain objective information about living cell structures, blood is examined on a dark-field microscope immediately after sampling from a finger, in the presence of a patient. In just 10–15 minutes, irreversible changes occur in the taken sample and laboratory parameters become uninformative. During phase-contrast microscopy, the appearance, size and functional state of blood cells are assessed, plasma inclusions and micro-objects are identified. The visualization process is automated by the special software "Dianel®-Micro", which links the microscope and computer into a single optical system of digital control.

Native blood microscopy methodsDiagnostics on a dark-field microscope includes the following methods:

  •      assessment of blood cells;
  •      study of changes in the morphology of erythrocytes;
  •      control of the behavior of leukocytes in contact with food reagents (prime test for food intolerance).

First, a drop of blood covered with a cover slip is examined under a lens with a low magnification (overview), then under a large one.

A blood test in a dark field microscope, including a comprehensive qualitative assessment of its composition, does not reflect the selective state of a particular organ. He clearly assesses the effectiveness of the immune system and conducts prenosological diagnostics aimed at identifying risk factors for diseases and existing health disorders. Based on this analysis of blood cells and plasma, various already existing deviations in the state of health and / or a predisposition to the emergence of new ones are determined. The range of diagnostics of diseases is very wide and allows you to make a conclusion about the state of metabolism (fat, protein, carbohydrate, phosphorus-calcium), which depends on the work of the pancreas, liver; about disorders that can lead to anemia, atherosclerosis, gout, oncological diseases; about the state of immunity and intestinal dysbacteriosis.

Depending on the abnormalities found in the blood, a wide range of different conditions can be identified. The following are just some examples:

  •      Indicator of low immunity status
  •      Tension of regulatory mechanisms in the liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands
  • Lack of minerals and vitamins
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Fungal infections
  • parasite infestation
  • Digestive problems
  • predisposition to atherosclerosis
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Predisposition to cancer or other degenerative diseases.


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CIT NELIAN LLC, a leading distributor of medical imaging products and a developer of networked solutions for diagnostic systems, offers an extensive range of dark and bright field digital microscopes for hemoscanning. Additionally, you can purchase licensed Dianel®-Micro software from us. Thanks to him, the method of visualization of native blood with a subjective medical assessment of the results is transformed into a science-based study with programmed tasks and batch data processing. With the purchase of our products, you receive after-sales service, free training and advisory support.

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