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Warranty service of CIT Nelian Ltd.

CIT NELIAN Ltd. develops and manufactures "DIANEL"/"Biolaz-Oberon" hardware and software diagnostic systems used for

• bioresonance nonlinear NLS testing of the human body;

• objective assessment and analysis of psychophysiological conditions;

• visualization, documentation and administration of the study of native blood (hemoscanning) and other types of optical medical research (microscopy, colposcopy).


CIT NELIAN Ltd. develops the professional software for effective diagnostics and management of medical practice. Our main products include:

• Dianel Pro - software for bioresonance testing and computer analysis of human homeostasis chantes

• Dianel iON - software for the analysis of psychophysiological conditions.

• Dianel Micro - software for native blood microscopy and other types of optical studies


All equipment manufactured by CIT NELIAN Ltd. is protected by special seals, software is protected by a special hardware key.


General provisions.

Warranty service is applied to the equipment and software (SW) manufactured by CIT NELIAN Ltd. regardless of who was the buyer of equipment (ie, user), if otherwise is not stated.

Identification of equipment is carried out by the marking (the plaque on the equipment case). Marking is an integral part of equipment and confirms the legitimacy of a warranty claim.

Warranty service is applied to defects in hardware and software, claimed by the owner during the warranty period.

Warranty service is performed by CIT NELIAN Ltd.'s service center.

External hardware, as regards to the device - such as a computer, printers, electrodes or other peripherals (except magnatic inductors) - are considered as independent units and are not subject to warranty.

In addition to warranty service, our service center also provides after-sales services. Cost of services depends on complexity of the required repair, cost of necessary spare parts and current retail price of the device itself.

In case of the correct operation of equipment and integrity of warranty seals, CIT NELIAN Ltd. provides warranty and free maintenance repair and replacement of faulty components of "DIANEL"/"Biolaz-Oberon" diagnostic systems within 24 months after the date of the sale. Dianel Pro, Dianel iON and Dianel Micro software packages are provided with the unlimited lifetime technical support and service. The latest Dianel software verison can be downloaded on our website. Do not hesitate to appy to our technical support service. Our specialists will help to solve problems associated with installing and using our software.

As the manufacturer  we guarantee the failure-free operation of the "DIANEL"/"Biolaz-Oberon" information processing units during 24 months, and the original installation CD serviceability during 3 years (in the absence of mechanical damage). The operational life of a "DIANEL"/"Biolaz-Oberon" information processing unit is at least 8 years.


Documents confirming the warranty eligibility.

Eligibility for the warranty service during the base warranty period (24 months) is confirmed by the following documents:

• The completed and valid warranty card with the full name and number of the model and serial number of equipment, the date of shipment and the warranty period. A valid warranty card is filled and signed by a person authorized CIT NELIAN Ltd.

• A contract or aother document confirming the date of shipment and serial number of equipment (invoice, receipt, etc.) and signed by a seller authorized by CIT NELIAN Ltd.


Return and exchange equipment

Return and exchange of equipment is regulated by a separate agreement. Terms and conditions are agreed individually for each case, based on the model of a device, the technical condition of a dievice, and duration and conditions of use.


Shipment of equipment for repair, return and exchange.

Shipment of equipment (in a complete set, according to the specification) for warranty or non-warranty repair from a customer to CIT NELIAN Ltd. (as well as the shipment of equipment from CIT NELIAN Ltd. to the customer) is carried out by express transport and express delivery operators within an extremely short period of time .

Please for the information about the warranty and post-warranty service, please contact technical support service of CIT NELIAN Ltd.


Technical support and service:  

Tel: + 7926-747-5551, +Viber logotip, +WhatsApp logotip

Skype: office-nelian Skype Me™! 


  • +7495-518-2541
  • +7926-747-5551
  • *Ежедневно 9:00 – 18:00, UTC+3:00

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