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"Center of Information Technologies "NELIAN" is developer, manufacturer and seller of:

"Dianel®" and "Biolaz-Oberon®" Bioresonance NLS Health Diagnostic Systems

Dianel®-iON System for psycho-physiological testing, identification of stress and depression, psychological testing with hardware support;

Digital Microscope Software "DIANEL®-micro" – for convenient HEMOSCANNING (live native blood analysis) and varied laboratory tests involving light and dark field microscopy multifunctional software for LABORATORY TESTING with photo and video

RTM-01 Multifunctional Digital Medical Diagnostic Radio-ThermoMeter for early diagnostics and detection of noninvasive tumors and othe cancer manifistations in mammology, gynecology, urology etc. 


We work with private persons and companies as well.

The currencies that we accept as payment are US Dollar, Euro and Russian rouble 

You can pay with any of the following options

1. Bank TT transfer (USD, Euro, RUR)

2. Money transfer services Money Gram, Western Union (USD, Euro, RUR)


Bank payment terms:


1.   Choose equipment that you want to purchase.

2.   Send us your full name (company name) and contacts including country, town, area, full post address for delivery, phone, skype...

3.   First you get invoice and delivery contract on the base of your company's contacts, then you read it and make payment if you are agree with all the terms of contract. We could fix all the conditions you want in contract if it is acceptable for us.

4.   We use TT 100% advance payment to official company account, or Western Union, Money Gram.  And we have possibility to send you equipment on installments terms - after your 60% prepayment, the rest 40% you pay in 6 months after getting equipment. Ask our sales manager for installments condition and contract.

5.  We will see your wire transfer using internet banking immediately as we get money to our company account.

6.   Together with payment we ask you to send us all pages of signed contract in electronic mode (scan contract in good resolution in PDF). You should send us by express courier post Original sets of supply agreement with your signature and stamps– we need it strongly for customs to send equipment to you.

7.   Then we send to you the equipment in 2-3 days by international express-post service (DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT or equal) and signed contract in original (minimum by email). We sign the contract with original stamp and signature and send 3 copies of it you back. 1 complete set of documents will be on the box with device for customs and 2 complete sets of documents will be in box with device.


Cash payment terms:


1.   If you have possibility to visit our office in Moscow, you can pay by MasterCard, Visa. We advise you to visit Moscow to pass through training for best results in your future work. We can choose hotel and book it for you according to your wishes.

2.   In this case you pickup equipment from our office.

3.   You can ask your friends or relatives who visit or live in Moscow to purchase the equipment in our office for you. 


We respect our customers and we understand your interests, so we are ready to advise optimal payment and delivery conditions individually for you.


"Center of Information Technologies "NELIAN" is the company with proud history since 2001 year and we respect our reputation, so you may be sure in our reliable work.


Purchase Dianel® and Biolaz-Oberon® from distributor in your country.

We have wide net of distributors of Bioresonance Health Diagnostic Complexes "Dianel®", "Biolaz-Oberon®", Psycho-physiological testing complex "Dianel®-iON", Software "DIANEL®-micro" for Digital Microscopes all over the world.

Contact our distributor for information and support with all your questions.


Shipping | Services

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  • *Ежедневно 9:00 – 18:00, UTC+3:00

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