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User reviews of hardware-software complexes produced by "Center of Information Technologies "Nelian" Ltd.


Since 2001, at the
"Center of Information Technologies "Nelian" accumulated a lot of reviews, reports, scientific articles and in use of
- Bioresonance NLS Diagnostic Machines Dianel and Biolaz-Oberon with full biofeedback,
- Digital Microscopes and Digital Colposcopes powered by Dianel-Micro software,
- Psycho-Physiological and Psyco-Emotional testing Machines Dianel powered by Dianel-ion software.
We pay big attention for the user feedback. We consider all proposals that we get from respond.
Check for User Reports, Feedback, Reviews, Sientific Articles and Experience on Use of Dianel and Biolaz-Oberon machines and software.

Bioresonance NLS Diagnostic Machines Dianel and Biolaz-Oberon with full biofeedback (list of machines) Practitioners review of the Dianel-22S-iON bioresonance diagnostic of a human followed by the personalized indication of individual selection wellness medications and dietary supplements.
Sientific Articles
Digital Hemaview Microscopes, live blood analysis dark field microscopes powered by Dianel-Micro software User Reviews and feedback experience of Dianel-Micro software for dark field digital microscopy for hemaview, live blood analysis microscopes
Sientific Articles
Psycho-Physiological and Psyco-Emotional testing Machines Dianel-11S-iON, Dianel-5120 User Reports, reviews and feedback experience of Dianel machines with Dianel-ion sortware for Psycho-Physiological and Psyco-Emotional human testing
Sientific Articles

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