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Kundenrezensionen und Berichte über die Verwendung von Dianel-22S-iON, Dianel-5121 und Dianel-5122, Dianel-5111 und Dianel-5110 Bioresonance NLS Diagnosesystemen mit vollem Biofeedback Und für die psychophysische Prüfung eines Menschen mit individueller Auswahl an Gesundheitsprodukten und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln. Die Produktion des Dianel-22S-iON-Systems wurde im Juni 2016 eingestellt. Stattdessen wurde das Modell Dianel-22S-iON mit den Modellen Dianel-5121 und Dianel-5122 mit verbesserten Features und zwei Modellen Dianel-5111 und Dianel-5110 mit vereinfachten Funktionen gestartet. Siehe Bewertungen von diagnostischen Komplexen von Biolaz-Oberon 11S und 11S-Pro Modellen

Users report from Gary Biddle
Users Report from Chiler Ataner

Chiler Ataner, Doctor of Naturopathy, M.D. License in Europe

I have been using the Biolaz-Oberon complex, model 22S Ion and the Dianel-Pro software since 15/02/2007.

Our organization is engaged in Alternative Medicine Naturopathy, selection of nutritional supplements, bioresonance testing.

During operation of complex Dianel-Pro since 15/02/2007 up to 22/03/2013, more than 1500 patients were tested.

The most frequently detected conditions were Intestinal Dysbiosis, Gastritis, Helmintiasis, Fatty Distrophy, Candida, Allergies.Food allergies did not match with the reality. Most of the good food was in red in the new software. Therefore I cannot use this as an allergic food indicator.

Percentage of the matching diagnoses is about 75% in conditions such as Intestinal Dysbiosis Candida and Environmental allergies. Food Allergies are matching diagnosis.Homeopathic remedies provided in the menu of the software did not match those in the VRT testing. Very often Belladonna was shown as a first remedy, which does not make sense.

Biolaz-Oberon is very impressive to the patients, especially when the diagnosis is a match. I like to work on it. Especially the comparison part of the menu and testing the remedies. Since the new Software Daniel-Pro was installed, I am experiencing problems such as software related pop-ups, and inability to change the address and age of the patient information on the system, and also to delete the previous old testing for example since 2007

Users Report from Stephen KwasiOduro

BAK4, Diagnostic & Wellness Therapy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our organization is engaged in diagnostics and wellness therapies and is working mostly in the traditional medicine, alternative medicine, naturopathy, selection of nutritional supplements, bioresonance testing, spiritual healing and holistic wellness coaching. For more than 15 years I have been working as a CEO with Sente Bibu, General Medical Practitioner in Amsterdam, as a general health information advisor. The main activities of Bak4 Diagnostics are bioresonance and wellness coaching

During the operation of the Dianel 22S-iON complex since November 2012 up to May 2013, I have made tests of more than 75 individuals but unfortunately for me, during my last update, I forgot to make a back up and as a result deleted my data up to 15 March 2013. I have currently 32 clients in my database.

The specific percentage of matching diagnoses performed with Dianel-22S-iON COMPLEX, as compared to clinical diagnoses is not available but about 90% of individuals diagnosed agreed with the test results and appreciated the accuracy of the device. Those who discussed the results with their Doctors were satisfied with the further examinations.

The benefits of working with the Dianel Complex for me is that it takes less time from the beginning to the end. It is very user-friendly and the wonderful thing for me is that it is a teaching device for a client/patient that helps them to appreciate their bodies and therefore comply with the doctors' indication after the diagnosis. It helps build a better practitioner-client working relationship and self confidence. This has help in improving the patient awareness through public lectures and the further use will include recreational activities in our wellness business.

There are no specific deficiencies identified so far in the complex or the software except that some words were in Russian but this has been taken care of in the last update

Users Report from John Kwasi

John Kwasi Quarchie, CEO. Fohow Group International, Accra, Ghana

The company "Fohow Group International" is a Multi level marketing company that deals with natural food supplements. The company has been using a Dianel, or "Biolaz-Oberon", (model 22s-iON) complex since May 18lh, 2011.

Our organization is engaged in diagnostics and sales of food supplements, acupuncture testing, naturopathy etc but with the main focus on food supplements. We operate under the medical license. During operation of the Dianel 22 S-iON complex since May 18th 2011 to May 18th 2012, we have made tests of about 250 patients.

We noticed that diseases like Fibroid, Arthritis and Bacteria and Fungi infections were frequently detected during our use of the Dianel 22 S-iON. The approximate percentage of diagnoses established by the Dianel 22 S-iON COMPLEX, that matched the clinical diagnoses was over 50%. The diagnoses confirmed by general clinical research methods included cancerous diseases, tumor etc.

It is very beneficial and accurate. Most patients compare the result of their tests with those made with other devices and they all testify that it is indeed a good device. On a more positive note, I will testify that the device's positive sides outweigh its negative sides. Especially in terms of tracing diseases that result from infections, bacteria, fungi etc. The main problem I was facing most of the time was that it could not detect diseases like malaria etc. And so if it could be designed in a way that it could detect disease like malaria etc, I think it will be a help.

I think the deficiencies identified in the complex Dianel 22s-ion is that the therapy side should be more efficient.

Users report from Adil Clinic Network
Users report from Bio Eden Lyfe
Users report from Body in Tune Wellness Clinic
Users report from Chronic Pain Therapies
Users report from Dr Samuel Acquah
Users report from Kangnuo International Group
Users report from Life Link Health Clinic Life Link Health Clinic, Eau Claire WI, USA

Our Clinic is engaged in health screening, diagnostics and therapy utilizing FDA approved devices and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) herbs and non-herbal formulas. Our Clinic consists of three personnel: Myself (the undersigned) with a background in cardiovascular and pulmonary issues; Inna Field - a graduate of the Western Wisconsin Technical Institute in nursing and Donald Reimer, MD (part-time). Our Clinic is licensed by the State of Wisconsin (456 102 559 7306).

Since acquiring the Dianel 22-S-iON in January, 2012 we have completed eighty four (84) examinations involving pulmonary, viral, cardiovascular, arterial, digestive and renal systems. Of the percentage of diagnostics with Dianel 22-S-iON that have been supported by laboratory or other - (X ray etc), approximately eighty percent revealed close support in favor of Dianel 22-S-iON. We have also found evidence of cancer in two patients who are still in treatment (with strict understanding that our diagnostics are subject to lab and other examinations).

The benefits of working with Dianel 22-S-iON include its ability to identify specific health issues while providing varied therapies that may benefit the patient. There is yet another factor that is of great value which is the Dianel's ability to provide written and graphic information regarding patient's health. Not only does this provide valuable information but also a record of changes reflecting efficiency of treatment.

Users report from Dr Mario Kenneth Sanctus
Users report from Sofia Patrikiou
Users report from Tanya`s Holistic&Beauty
Users report from Viga Natural Healing Center
Users report from Yasamsa Medical Urunleri Turkey
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