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What is a certificate, which gives you the right to work with apparatus Dianel?
This is the official document that the manufacturer (we) gives to the user (you) at the end of the qualification training and successfully passing test exams how to work with our hardware-software Complex Dianel (Biolaz-Oberon).

Dear users!
If you want to renew a period of validity of the certificate, should do following things:

1. Apply by email or by phone in a free form. We, based on your application, invoice you to pay 1000 rubles (sum for prolongation) plus postal expenses.

2. Download the qualification test, answer and send us by email. We will notify you whether answers are correct, give you the appropriate comments and advices.

3. Send (regular mail) comment letter. Comment letter about using our complex Dianel (Biolaz-Oberon), your personal opinion about its work, functions and capabilities.
Please note the positive and negative aspects of working with hardware-software complex Dianel (Biolaz-Oberon), interesting cases from your medical practice, bring statistics to identify some of the pathological processes, which one is better for identify and so forth. We would very appreciate your suggestions, tips, questions about the work of our diagnostic equipment Dianel (Biolaz-Oberon).
Comment letter should be done on behalf of the company which gives a diagnostic service, or on behalf of the user - entrepreneur. Comment letter should be sent on your company's letterhead paper by regular mail, sign and stamp, sample is here.

4. Send (regular mail) photocopy of your expired certificate.

5. Send (regular mail) photocopy of your license or other document confirmed your legal business, signed – only in case you have no stamp. Sign this paper with your own hand.


Example of signature

Copy is true
Title Full name
Sign Date


Please keep up the format of the letter in accordance with our requirements, for saving money on the additional postal expenses.

In response to your papers, we will send you a new personal certificate, gives you the right to work on Biolaz-Oberon (Dianel) device, for two years.

This procedure has purpose to ensure correct use of our equipment and provide qualified personal working on it.

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