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Download Dianel Software

Free Trial

We invite you to get acquainted with the possibilities of "Dianel®-Micro" software for FREE.

The full functionality of the program is provided for 60 days (2 months) from the moment of installation.
All program configurations are available in the trial version:

  • Live Blood Analysis (LBA, Hemaview)
  • Medicine
  • Material Science
  • Atlas of Blood Cells (Additional software)

Installation tips:

  1. Unpack the downloaded archive.
  2. Install the Sentinel HASP key driver (HASPUserSetup.exe)
  3. Install the Protection key file Dianel_trial_key.v2c as described in the Dianel-Micro User's Guide.pdf.
  4. Install "Dianel®-Micro" software from Dianel Micro 1.1 setup.exe

Done, you can use it!
If you encounter any difficulties, the archive contains a detailed step-by-step User Guide for all Dianel-Micro functions, as well as our technical support department will help you.

"Dianel®-Micro" software update

Installation tips

  • We highly recommend to backup your results of previous studies before starting the installation of the "Dianel-Micro" update. They are stored in C:\Users\[PC User Name]\AppData\Local\Nelian\Micro\Personal\. By default the AppData folder is hidden; Check Hidden items in View tab of the File Explorer.
  • If you are using a version of the program with a software security key, you need to update the Sentinel HASP driver version: you should use version 8.31 or higher. The current version of the driver is included in the distribution package.
  • During the installation of the "Dianel-Micro" update, the installation wizard asked about deleting configuration files and test results. Be careful when answering this question.
    If you erroneously confirm the deletion of files — that's all right. You can use the data saved before installation and copy it back.
  • You can find detailed instruction about setup process in "Dianel®-Micro User's Guide".

Buy a License

We hope that you are satisfied with the possibilities of our software.
You can purchase a license for further use of the most suitable version of Dianel-Micro Software:

List of languages Dianel®-Micro software with build in LBA atlas photos images microscopy samples.

  1. Русский, гемосканирование (Russian, LBA hemaview)
  2. Русский, медецина (Russian, medicine)
  3. Русский, материаловедение (Russian, materials)
  4. Русский, офтальмология (Russian, ophthalmology)
  5. Русский, кольпоскопия (Russian, colposcopy)
  6. Русский, контроль качества (Russian, quality control)
  7. English, medicine, LBA hemaview
  8. English, materials
  9. Български, медицина, хемосканиране (Bulgar, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  10. Српски, медицине, хемосцаннинг (Serbian, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  11. Français, médecine, vue hema LBA (French, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  12. Deutsch, medizin, LBA hemaview Dunkelfeld (German, medicine, darkfield LBA hemaview)
  13. Ελληνική γλώσσα, ιατρική, αιμοσάρωση (Greek, medicine, LBA hemaview))
  14. Italiano, medicina, emoscansione (Italian, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  15. Português, medicina, hemoescaneamento (Portuguese, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  16. Română, medicină, hemoscanarea (Romanian, medicine, LBA hemaview)
  17. Română, știința materialelor (Romanian, materials)
  18. Español, medicina, hemoscanning (Spanish, medicine, LBA hemaview)

Dianel-Micro Software compatibility with various microscope digital cameras:

Dianel-Micro Automatic microscopy Software supports any cameras with open DirectShow and Twain protocol Such as ToupTek, Toupcam, Levenhuk, AmScope, Scopetek, Olympus, Meiji, Nikon, Zeiss, Microsight, Micro Vision, Osti, Naturoptic, Cofemo, Alternative Vision, etc.

Your camera should be recognised in Windows as Digital Video input device (digital video camera) or as a Scanner.

If you have any doubts - Send us Print Screen of Device Manager window. We can assist you by Skype, or WhatsApp, or Viber, or Zoom applications...

Dianel-Micro software is compatible with modern computers, that suits recommended system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11. A 64-bit operating system is recommended;
  • CPU: multi-core Intel Core i3/i5/i7, or AMD Ryzen 5/7/9, clock speed 2 GHz or more;
  • RAM: from 8 GB, preferably 16 GB;
  • Video: discrete adapter with 512 MB or more memory
  • HDD: HDD or SSD (Hard or Solid State) – with free space of more than 20 GB for storing photo and video files;
  • Interface: USB: USB2.0 port = 1 pc for HASP Sentinel protective hardware USB key, USB3.0 = 1 pc for digital camera;
  • CD or DVD Drive: for research recording (optional)
  • Monitor: Full HD (1920*1080) display with a diagonal of 16";

Usually any modern Windows Computer / NoteBook / Laptop will do.
Our Tech Support will help you in case of trouble.

  • +7495-518-2541
  • +7926-747-5551
  • *Ежедневно 9:00 – 18:00, UTC+3:00

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