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Dianel Warranty  General provisions.

Warranty service covers equipment and software (SW) supplied by CIT NELIAN LLC, regardless of to whom the equipment was transferred (that is, the user), unless otherwise agreed.
Identification of equipment is carried out by marking (a plate fixed on the outer case of the equipment). The marking is an integral part of the equipment and confirms the legitimacy of the warranty claim.
Warranty service covers hardware and software defects declared by the owner during the warranty period.
Warranty service is carried out by the service center (SC) LLC "CIT NELIAN".
Devices external to the equipment - for example, a computer system unit, printing devices, electrodes or other peripheral equipment (except for magnetic inductors) - are considered as independent devices and are not subject to warranty service.
In addition to warranty service, our service center also provides post-warranty (paid) repair services. The cost of services depends on the level of complexity of the required repair, the cost of the necessary spare parts and the price category of the device.


Documents confirming the guarantee.

To obtain warranty service, you must provide any of the following documents:
a completed Warranty Card indicating the name, model and serial number of the equipment, date of shipment and warranty period. The warranty card is filled in and signed by a person authorized by CIT NELIAN LLC;
An agreement or other document confirming the date of receipt and the serial number of the equipment (waybill, sales receipt, etc.) and signed by the authorized seller - CIT NELIAN LLC.


Equipment Shipment for repair

Shipment of equipment (in a complete set, according to the Specification) for warranty, non-warranty repairs by the buyer to CIT NELIAN LLC (as well as shipment of CIT NELIAN LLC equipment to the buyer's address) is carried out by express courier transport companies and is carried out as soon as possible .

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