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New version of the software Dianel ® Micro has recently came out!

New features in the software Dianel ® Micro!


At the end of the 2011 was new revision of "Dianel ®-Micro" software - now you are able to measure objects to their calculations, to highlight areas on the frame and set the objects or areas of an unlimited amount of text comments.

"Dianel ®-Micro" is constantly improving. This software connects laboratory microscope and a personal computer through any USB digital video camera into a powerful diagnostic research complex. With the help of "Dianel ®-Micro" the customer is able to quickly and conveniently carry out any investigation (research, biochemical and clinical) on the existing microscope and store data in digital form - in the photo files or high resolution video files, watching results on the screen of any size in real time. "Dianel ®-Micro" is a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that conveniently organizes storage of results, has function of measurement and evaluation of the specimen. There is a broad base of data and customizable templates conclusions.
Our software is compatible not only with microscopes, but with digital endoscopes, colposcopy, etc.
The advantage of our program is that it is several times cheaper, has superior functionality to the standard software, the interface is in Russian (English-language version avalable too) is compatible with cameras from different manufacturers, photo and video files from our program can be sent on e-mail, print, burn to disc and played on home DVD-players.

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