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Dianel-2 Software update

Dear users of the Dianel-2 software for bioresonance computer NLS diagnostics, VEGA test, energy-informational endogenous therapy and psychophysiological testing.


We are glad to inform you that you can download the new version of the Dianel-2 software from our official web-site.


What's new in the Dianel-2 software, you ask? We are proud to answer that Dianel-2 software has been substantially updated:

Improved stability and minor bugs fixed;

Improved usability of the program,

Endogenous (the most useful) EIF-therapy can be flexibly configured, both automatically and user controlled- the Protector and Destructor functions are available for changing according to the practitioner's skill experience;

The Multi EIF-therapy function works from the Research Scheme window, which in one click carries out useful Energy Informational Frequency therapy on the all selected objects (organs and microorganisms);

Optimized work of the patient's and researches database, so that the Dianel-2 Software run much faster even with large research databases;

Dianel-2 Database supports more than 4 GB that allows testing of more than 5,000 different patients together with optimization function now;

There are new interface languages – Bulgarian, summary 14 languages for your needs;

The groups of health products etalons - Argo, Now Foods, Tiens, and some other are fulfilled;

The printing forms automatically generated by the Dianel-2 software are improved - Comparative analysis, Express Analysis, Ayurveda, Epicrisis (Summary Discharge), Organ cartograms Printouts, Recommended Asanas (Yoga exercises), Recommended Pranayama (breathing exercises), Dosh Balance, Subdosh, Chakra, Primary Elements, etc. .P.;

The procedure for updating the Dianel-2 program is greatly simplified.

So feel free to update Dianel-2 software and get only positive impressions with using it!


Sincerely, CIT Nelian team.

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