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A new version of the Dianel-iON program has been released

 List of Dianel-ION program improvements Version dated 06/04/2023

Dear users of Dianel Psychophysiological and Psychoemotional Testing Complexes with Dianel-ion program.

 The new version includes support for non-standard font scale and 4K monitors, which allows you to correctly display the program interface on new types of monitors with a high image resolution;
 Improvement of the chart zoom function. Reducing and increasing occurs relative to the value in the middle of the graph, regardless of the screen resolution and the size of the panel with the graph;
 The functions of printing and saving the graph have been completely redesigned for correct display on paper and in the system;
 The convenience of forming a conclusion has been improved - the user can flexibly select the data added to the conclusion for each patient (respondent).
 The values of the epoch parameters and "left channel", "right channel", "asymmetry" are combined into one list; Scrolling is conveniently implemented while viewing, which makes it easy to compare the results for both channels.
It became possible to calculate the reaction, considering its completion as the end of the chart recording (enabled in the settings);
 Fixed showing the graph when opening a study. That is, the beginning of the graph when opening the study window is now not in the center of the screen;
 Automatic shift of the graph to the beginning of the selected epoch and shift of the graph to the beginning of the reaction when double-clicking for easy tracking in the "Analysis" tab;
 Reduced the chance of a sharp jump in the graph during clinical interviews when working with hand electrodes;
 When you try to stop testing during a pause between samples, a dialog box (Abort [yes / no]) appears to prevent an erroneous click;
 Auto-generated epochs now consist of the start of a probe and the end of a subsequent pause between probes, rather than a separate probe and pause as before;
 Renaming a group now also updates the groups in the patient list, for a simple and clear display;
 Improving the ease of use of the program by improving the interface;
 Added support for Persian and Turkish languages and 4 clinical interview templates (in all languages);
 The function of automatic measurement of BMI (body mass index) has been added when specifying height and weight in the patient's card. BMI is also used in the filter in the "Statistics" window;
 The “In conclusion” button has been added to all questionnaires for the convenience of tracking results in the “Conclusion”  window;
 Button "E-mail" in the windows "Card file. List of surveys. Patient…” and “Conclusion” for sending letters to patients (respondents) by e-mail directly from the program;
 Automatic setting of field content width on double click, but no more than 1/3 of the screen width. If the column is empty, then the width is set according to the title in the "Card file" window for the convenience of the operator;
 Added support for the Unicode standard for the "Templates" window, which allows you to correctly display the contents of windows on different computers;
 Now audio is recorded in the .wma format (1 channel, 128kbps, 44kHz), which significantly reduces the final weight of the file on the user's device;
 Added calculated field "Age" to the patient (respondent) card and metric or English system of measures for the "Height" and "Weight" fields for the "Patient card" window;
 Added support for renaming column names (for each language) and Delete (Delete) / Edit (F2) entry for the Card Index window;
 Improving the fixation by the reaction program of the testing area to the next maximum on the GSR graph and eliminating interference in the case of an increasing signal;
 Added the "Center on the chart" button automatically scrolling the chart vertically to the average values for the convenience of the operator;
 The results of psychological tests have been added to the “Conclusion” window for the convenience of viewing information on  the patient (respondent);
 Added indicators of the value of stress by epoch (minimum, average and maximum) in the calculation of the current epoch;
 Added a new tab "Interpretation" with the interpretation of indicators in the "Analysis" window for the convenience of the operator and the patient (respondent);
 Now when the test is stopped due to poor electrode contact (the study stops and a dialog box appears with a problem message, which is waiting for the resumption of operability or allows you to abort the test). If the test is interrupted, the test result is not saved;
 Description of the sample in the clinical interview window;
 Now load testing stops with an error message in case of problems with the electrodes. When restarted, the test starts with a pause between exams. Other samples are restarted;
 The "Miscellaneous" tab in the "Settings" window has been redesigned with currency settings and the ability to enable the "Accept payment before examination" option;
 Added tab "Print forms" with settings for printing forms and logo for the convenience of the operator when printing the conclusion or sending the conclusion by e-mail to the patient (respondent);
 Added "Create" and "Delete" buttons in the "Groups" tab in the "Settings" window for convenient work with groups of patients (respondents) within the program.

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