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29.12.2020 14:09:22
Dear Colleagues and Friends! We sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We are all looking forward to only Good and Kind from the New Year 2021! Let him give us Health, Good luck in business and in personal life, warm comfortable relations with Partners, Colleagues and...

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05.10.2020 11:05:02
Bioresonance Diagnostic machine Dianel-5122 under Dianel-2 software control can evaluate Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic pneumonia and can provide Endogenous Bioresonance therapy influence Destructing coronavirus COVID-19. Check the article with methods of detecting infections and...

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22.09.2020 17:46:24
Dear users of Dianel Complexes for Bioresonance computer NLS diagnostics, VEGA test, Endogenous Bioresonance energy-informational Therapy and Endogenous Bioresonance Antiparasitic therapy. In the Dianel-2.1 software, which controls the operation of the Dianel bioresonance system, according...

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31.12.2019 15:50:19
Dear Friends, Colleagues, Users of Dianel equipment! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We wish you and your family Health, Success in your work and career, Prosperity, more Joy in your personal life! The "Center of Information Technology "Nelian" remains your reliable assistant and...

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30.12.2019 12:33:22
Dear users of the Dianel-2 software  for bioresonance computer NLS diagnostics, VEGA test, energy-informational endogenous therapy and psychophysiological testing.   We are glad to inform you that you can download the new version of the Dianel-2 software  from our official web-site.  ...

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07.11.2019 13:57:48
Dear Users! Dianel-Micro Software  for automation of work   on the digital  microscope  update is available with numerous changes and new useful features. On the same page the procedure for updating software is described in details...   Changes list: • Your digital camera's...

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27.03.2019 14:18:26
Ladies and gentlemen! Nelian Information Technology Center LLC, being a Manufacturer and developer of the Dianel-5120 Hardware-Software Complex, a system for recording and assessing the psycho-physiological and psycho-emotional state of a person, offers you a video demonstration of working with...

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21.12.2018 20:01:38
Dear Users of Dianel Diagnostic Systems! Dear experts of Integrative and Complementary medicine! We wish Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019  Year ! We wish you and your relatives health, wealth and prosperity! We wish you success in business and expansion of the list of services...

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21.12.2018 16:28:51
Dear users of Whole Body Bioresonance Diagnostics and Therapy Integrative Medicine machine Dianel In Dianel-2 software updated release is: Added new features Ayurvedic Balance, Express-Analysis;  Added new languages Dianel-2 - Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Turkish…  Improved...

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23.07.2018 10:22:09
In the  Support page  download the updated version of the Dianel-2 software. Go to the  Dianel-2 software update link  and choose the version you need to download. On the same page of our site, the procedure for updating the Dianel software is described in details.   The latest Dianel-2...

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