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Digital brightfield microscopes for LBA hemoscanning and native blood microscopy

Microscopes Dark field+Bright field for Live Blood Analysis with HD digital camera » Digital brightfield microscopes for LBA hemoscanning and native blood microscopy

In this category of products, new professional models of laboratory microscopes, medical microscopes and biological microscopes equipped with a bright field condenser are presented. All these models can be successfully applied in native blood microscopy and in hemoscanning, LBA, Prime Test, for studying microobjects in medicine, biology, and veterinary medicine. A bright-field condenser in a microscope is standard equipment, i.e. In addition, there is no need to pay extra for a bright field condenser in a microscope.

The task of a bright-field condenser is to collect a stream of light into a beam and direct it vertically from below to the micro object being viewed (smear of living blood). As a result, a blood smear is uniformly illuminated by a stream of rays strictly perpendicular to the studied micro-object and has natural shades of color.

In a bright field, transparent objects (blood plasma and other transparent substances) looks bright, with a blue or greenish tint, and translucent objects (various blood cells, bacterial flora, parasitoforms, other microinclusions in plasma) looks in contrast with shades of light. Red blood cells in a bright field - pink and reddish, white cells of the immune system (granulocytes, lymphocytes, white blood cells, etc.) have a greenish tint. Opaque objects looks black. If the micro-object is less than 1 micron, then it looks gray. Cells, for example, candida look translucent with a purple tint, are easily distinguishable. Illumination perpendicular to the studied smear makes it easy to detect the bacterial flora, parasitic forms, other microinclusions in the plasma and evaluate the shape and functional disorders of various blood cells.


Attention! Most atlases of blood cells are made in a bright field, i.e. using a light microscope and a bright field condenser.


To obtain an image in a bright field, you just need to select the required magnification with the lens, according to the lens, select the appropriate aperture of the aperture and adjust the focus.


Hint: The aperture is written on objective, i.e. you don’t need to memorize anything.


By further adjusting the aperture, you can achieve a more contrasting and natural image, convenient for perception.

To work with maximum magnification, you need to use 100X Oil objective, i.e. oil immersion lenses. It is also simple: a drop of immersion oil is applied to the coverslip, and the 100X Oil oil lens is immersed in a drop of oil and the focus is adjusted in the usual way, which is much easier to use and adjust then the dark-field condenser. Only with such a scheme for using a bright-field condenser it is possible to obtain the largest possible image of micro-objects in a bright field, sufficient for identification and measurement of micro-objects.

The use of a bright field condenser is simple and convenient, does not require additional skills from a specialist to work with a microscope.

Also, if you plan to use a digital camera to output high-definition bright-field images onto a monitor, photo and video documentation in a bright field, then you need ordinary cameras with normal photosensitivity (cameras for a dark field should have high light sensitivity, which significantly increases the cost of the camera and, therefore, whole set of equipment).

The camera control and the entire process of visualization and photo video documentation should be entrusted to the Dianel-Micro program.

Thus, using bright field microscopes and examining microobjects (blood, saliva, urine, lymph) in a bright field can be done by research experts without special skills in adjusting microscopes.


Advantages of a bright field condenser microscope:

  • + Easy and quick to configure, convenient for a specialist;
  • + Uniform illumination of the test smear;
  • + Normal visibility of translucent objects in plasma;
  • + Good visibility of small inclusions in the plasma (bacteria, larvae, other parasitic forms);
  • + Does not increase the cost of the microscope,
  • + Image of cells in natural colors, sufficient detail of cell shape changes;
  • + Allows you to measure microobjects, turns the microscopy of native blood into a scientifically evidence-based method;
  • + Printing images of a bright field does not lead to increased consumption of a cartridge of a printing device.


"Center of Information Technologies "Nelian" has been supplying diagnostic systems for native blood microscopy (i.e. digital microscopes for LBA and hemoscanning) with a digital visualization and documentation system since 2007. CIT Nelian specially developed and equips digital microscopes with the Dianel-Micro software to implement all the necessary functions in native blood microscopy and LBA for practitioners. The Dianel-Micro software allows you to measure micro-objects, turns the microscopy of native blood into a scientifically evidence-based method;

In Russia, there has been a successful long-term practice of using a bright field condenser for the purposes of a qualitative blood analysis, assessment of the functional state of blood cells, LBA, hemoscanning, and native blood microscopy.

At the same time, in Western countries, specialists in integrative medicine, holistic medicine, complementary medicine and nutritionists actively use a dark-field condenser as part of expensive Olympus, Nikon, Carl Zeiss microscopes, etc. for a qualitative analysis of the functional state of the blood, which seems to us unjustified and irrational.
We equip hemoscanner microscopes with high-quality High Resolution Digital cameras (Full HD, 4K), tested under conditions of visualization of a smear of live native blood, and we advise the Dianel-micro software for visualization and measurement of blood cells in LBA, which significantly expands the capabilities of microscopy of native blood and increases the speed and comfort of work with a qualitative analysis of a drop of live blood . The Dianel-Micro software was developed by our company, taking into account the recommendations and wishes of nutrition experts, doctors who professionally practice a qualitative analysis of living blood (hemoscanning). The functionality of the Dianel-Micro program is constantly improving, supplementing, expanding taking into account the wishes of our real users, the latest version of the Dianel-Micro program for microscopy of native blood can be downloaded for free from our website.

"Center of Information Technologies "Nelian" offers professional training in LBA and native blood microscopy in 2-3 days course. The training is conducted by a doctor with 10 years of experience.

CIT Nelian LLC company offers for LBA Practititoners:

We guarantee high-quality assembly and installation, careful delivery, intelligible and detailed instruction of your staff.
All conditions are detailed in the quotation, supply contract and specification.

All models are fully equipped and ready to go. Consumable kit for native blood microscopy is also available.

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