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PsychoPhysiological and Stress Testing Equipment manufactured by CIT Nelian

PsychoPhysiological and Stress Testing Equipment manufactured by CIT Nelian

Center for Information Technologies Nelian offers devices of the Dianel-ION Machines series - it is Equipment based on a hardware-software complex for Psychophysiological Testing of a person.

Dianel-ION complexes functions is Distinctive features for practicing psychologists and physiologists:

Registration of the Galvanic Skin Responce (GSR) through 2 channels from two hands at the same time (similarly as Electrodermal activity EDA)

Measurement of GSR from 2 the hands simultaneously demonstrates the Activation and Relaxation of the cerebral hemispheres separately;

Conducting an assessment of the Asymmetry of the Cerebral Hemispheres through an assessment of the asymmetry of the GSR signal;

Carrying out load tests under the control of changes in GSR

conducting psychophysiological tests simultaneously with fixing changes in RAG;

conducting psychological tests while recording changes in the GSR;

realtime registration of vegetative reactions,

realtime registration of emotional reactions,

registration of psychophysiological reactions and Stress level in realtime,

Sound recording of the conversation of the test and the psychologist;

Conducting video testing using special videos with simultaneous registration of changes in the Galvanic Skin Responce in real time;

Measurement of stress in the mode of conversation with the test person in real time;
Historically, EDA has also been known as skin conductance, galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR), psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), skin conductance response (SCR), sympathetic skin response (SSR) and skin conductance level (SCL).

Analysis and interpretation of the data according to the method by Suhodoeva V.V.

Selection and placing on health products from a database program «Dianel iON» according to the identified state.

Formation of case history (conclusion), including placing on health-improving procedures (physiotherapy, diet, auditory training, weight loss programs, etc.) using the templates from a database of «Dianel iON» software.

Conducting sessions of biofeedback therapy using methods and techniques of audiovisual oftalmocolourtherapy correction with simultaneous control of the physiological state of change by registering GSR.

Print of GSR results analysis chart, the table values ​​and recommendations.

Maintain filing of test results and a database of patients and operators. 

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