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Pulse Oximetry Sensors (oxygen saturation, SpO2)

Disposables, sensors and accessories for the medical devices » Pulse Oximetry Sensors (oxygen saturation, SpO2)

Pulse oximetry sensors used in medical diagnostic devices, bedside monitors, pulse oximeters, etc., which measure the degree of saturation of hemoglobin (red blood cells blood cells) arterial blood oxygen. Changing this important parameter characterizes the change in the physiological state of the observed patient, and also the frequency of its heart rate (heart rate, heart rate).
Brief principle of the sensor.
Built-in LEDs during operation creates an infrared light with a wavelength of about 940nm and red light with a wavelength of 660 nm. This light passes through the soft tissues of the finger (temperature at the terminal phalanx of a finger) and captured a special photodetector mounted opposite the light emitter. The degree of light absorption in the tissues depends on the oxygen concentration in the blood. In addition to oxygen saturation in arterial blood by varying amount of light in the process of pulse oximetry can measure the heart rate (pulse).
Pulseoximetry sensors vary in size, depending on the weight of the patient:
neonatal pulse oximetry sensor (for babies);
Pulse oximetry sensors for children;
Pediatric pulse oximeter sensors;
pulse oximetry sensors for adults.
SpO2 sensors are classified according to the duration of contact with the patient - there are reusable or disposable finger mount, to mount on the earlobe (pinna) and even on the wing of the nose.

Our experts will advise you the best pulse oximetry sensor model depending on the duration of the monitoring of the patient's activity, age, place of attachment Pulse oximetry sensors model you are using the device (model bedside patient monitor, pulse oximeter, or specific equipment - test equipment and other physiological parameters of functional status patient monitoring devices for a change in the functional state of the patient) and other factors.

Pulseoximetry sensors (SpO2) are consumable items and should be systematically replaced because subject to wear and damage active patients.
We accept orders for pulse oximetry sensors SpO2 saturation. Delivery pulsoksimetricheskih sensor saturation, taking into account the customer's specifications and characteristics of the application.
Delivery worldwide.
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